Why do diapers on panties have adhesive tape on the back?

Pampers is the vernacular name for a baby's hygiene item. A more correct option: a disposable diaper or absorbent panties. Such a product consists of several parts, each of which is designed to make life easier for the newborn and his parents.

Diaper structure

A modern disposable crumb hygiene product is multi-layered. Each presented layer is functional, solves certain problems:

  1. First layer, inner. It comes in contact with the baby’s skin and genitals. It is unique in that it allows moisture to pass in only 1 direction. He takes it away from the body, redirects it into the diaper.
  2. The second layer, the middle. Its task: absorption and conversion of secretions. The special fibers that form this layer absorb liquid and then turn into gel.
  3. Third layer, outer. It holds the gel, protects clothing and helps things sit comfortably on the body.

Good fixation goes hand in hand with a careful attitude to the baby's body. This combination is achieved due to the excellent elasticity of all functional elements. The edges of the diaper, the fitting legs, are necessarily additionally equipped with soft elastic bands, and the upper edge has a belt that quickly adapts to the expansion of the abdomen.

The list of required diaper elements ends with Velcro-clips. Using them, the diaper is attached to the body. Experienced mothers are able to use these ribbons at the stage prior to disposal. They fold the diaper, and then fasten the desired shape with the straps. As a result, the used hygiene item becomes compact and begins to look aesthetically pleasing. It becomes like a big soft ball.

Why do I need back tape?

Folding with already used side Velcro on such shorts does not always end successfully. The sticky side is usually quite worn out by this point. And the location of the fasteners is not entirely successful. To fix the full diaper with them, some skill is required.

The task causes less problems when disposable panties or diapers are equipped with a special adhesive tape. Usually it is located at the back, but sometimes manufacturers place it on the front of the product. By expanding such a Velcro, it will turn out to quickly twist the children's hygiene item.

Important! Velcro allows you to compactly fold the diaper used for its intended purpose. A dirty diaper eventually starts to look aesthetically pleasing and takes up a minimum of space.

How to fold used diapers correctly?

You need to act, starting from where exactly the Velcro is. If the adhesive tape is located in front, then the diaper, after being removed from the child, is rolled up starting from its back half. If the whip is glued to the back, then start twisting in front. They fold the diaper in the same way as they do the roll. After twisting the diaper, the Velcro is deployed and used as an edge retainer.

If the child wears absorbent panties, then the folding process is preceded by tearing of the sidewalls . The result is a regular diaper in shape, the Velcro of which works exactly the same as with a simple disposable diaper.