Why do clothes look different in the dressing room and at home?

Shopping is a tedious task! But when they manage to find something suitable and perfectly fitting in shape, the ladies come home in a state of happiness and euphoria, which, by the way, can quickly dissipate if you again try on new things at home. Suddenly, it may turn out that the dress is no longer sitting so nicely on the figure, but gathering on the belly with ugly folds, and new trousers are very full of hips. What is so magical in fitting rooms if clothes there are many times more attractive? Let's try to figure it out.

How does a store “help” things like it?

Experienced stylists advise you to remember your image before leaving the house, if you plan to purchase clothes. The fact is that shops use tricks that are small and invisible to the look, which significantly change your appearance for the better .

Most often, the following "tricks" are used:

  • properly configured lighting;
  • dimming, fogging mirrors;
  • the effect of false "harmony".

Important! Most girls may notice that in fitting rooms, the mirrors give a terrible complexion and unattractive skin, but the body looks toned and muscular.

All this indicates the use of special psychological secrets of the store, so that the buyer leaves the boutique with the purchase.

Former employees of clothing stores reveal secrets of how they manage to convince buyers to buy this or that thing. For example, some boutiques deliberately dim the lights in fitting rooms or make mirrors smoky to encourage the girl to go out into the tried-and-true item on the trading floor. And there she will have to wait for the “right” mirrors, good lighting and helpful consultants, always praising the value of the purchase.

It is noteworthy that most buyers know about all these tricks, but continues to fall for the tricks of sellers. Cabinets of modern women are bursting with clothes that do not suit them or do not meet all the requirements stated before purchase.

How not to make a mistake when buying clothes

A woman needs to know some rules that will help her buy a really beautiful and high-quality thing, and not get another rag of dubious quality. To do this, you need to have an idea of ​​certain actions that can neutralize the tricks of store managers.

Looking for objective reflection

During fitting, you should:

  • evaluate your appearance in the proposed mirror, spin and look at yourself from all sides;
  • to sit on a stool installed in the booth to evaluate how the dress sits in different situations;
  • go to the trading floor and look at other mirrors, it is best if this happens in natural light .

Often, after seeing her reflection in the window pane, a girl can more objectively evaluate her appearance than in all the huge mirrors before.

We are skeptical about the reaction of consultants

Do not rush and listen to the consultants' assurances about how this dress fits your figure and emphasizes beauty. The thing should be liked first of all by yourself, and only then - to those around you.

Advice! If you need a side view, do not shop alone. Choose as companions of whose objectivity you are confident.

“Chasing” not only fashion, but also individuality

Do not forget about the right prints. Today, stores offer a wide selection of clothes with various patterns. Animal prints, inscriptions, portraits, geometric shapes and floral motifs that are not losing popularity are especially popular this season.

However, remember how they fit with your figure.

  • A large floral or animal print on clothes visually fills the figure . It is better to use them in an image in a dosed manner, without overdoing it with patterns.
  • A horizontal strip or large cage also visually expands the silhouette . But thin slender girls with high growth can afford the details of the wardrobe with this trendy print.

Have a nice and healthy shopping!