Why did Lady Gaga put on three dresses at once

Layering in clothes, of course, is not a new technique. But how often does it occur to you to wear three dresses at once? I think no. Moreover, put them on so that only one thing is visible. What is the trick, ask? The scandalous diva, whose name is well known throughout the world, has the answer to this question. This is Lady Gaga. I will tell you why she put on three outfits and how she showed four looks.

Lady Gaga: impossible to forget

This American singer is known not only for her musical creativity or roles in films, receiving an Oscar or Grammy, which she was awarded nine times! Each appearance of a star in public is a true performance in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail! Lady Gaga is brightness and surprise, shocking and courage! And always - the audience’s expectation: what will surprise the singer today? And she does not disappoint!

Another spectacular appearance was her participation in the traditional Met Gala ball, which the Costume Institute held in early May 2019 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It was here that Lady Gaga appeared before those present in the image of a peculiar “nested doll”, which, having removed one outfit, showed the next one underneath. And those gathered at the ball appreciated the stylist’s idea and “starry” performance.

The secret of three dresses

All participants in the traditional ball came up with vivid images and embodied them, bringing a lot of pleasure to those present. There were chandelier dresses (Katy Perry), and feather dresses (Kylie and Kendall Jenner), and a costume of Cinderella (Zendaya), and much, much more.

But she set the tone for Lady Gaga's event, which appeared first and held the attention of everyone, demonstrating what was under her dress.

First outfit

The pink dress attracted attention not only with its bright fuchsia color and huge bow. Perhaps the most impressive detail is a long train that stretches eight meters . Five handsome dancers helped to cope with it, and the singer herself was accompanied by the author of the outfit, designer and star friend Brandon Maxwell, by the arm.

Reference! Brandon Maxwell is the author of all four outfits that Lady Gaga demonstrated on this day.

The singer looked, as always, spectacular. The makeup was traditionally bright, false eyelashes, and lipstick was perfect for the dress.

Second outfit

Already on the stairs there was a transformation. Unexpectedly for those present, Maxwell unzipped a pink dress, and the singer freed herself from him, remaining in a black robe. The elegant model of the corset style was complemented by the same black umbrella.

Third outfit

The public did not have time to get used to the new image of the singer, as the next transformation took place. Under the black robe, which the diva got rid of as easily as the first, there was another dress! Its color resembled the first image. But this time, brightness was not combined with volumes. On the contrary, the third dress on thin straps tightly fitted and emphasized the figure.

The black umbrella was thrown aside, he was replaced by glasses from the sun, black, decorated with rhinestones along the contour. And in the hands of the actress was a telephone receiver, again black.

Dresses are over, there are no dresses!

But the third dress did not become final . He, like all the previous ones, was put on by the singer only to take off! Once again, after the pink dress, the public was presented with black. But what!

A bra and panties decorated with sparkling crystals, fishnet tights and ankle boots on a high platform - this is what Lady Gaga ended up with! She literally undressed to cowards!

Put three dresses on the ball at once and do it only in order to publicly take them off, showing off your underwear - this is all Lady Gaga. Queen of outrageous what you want!