Why clothes should not be hung on the back of a chair: signs, aesthetics, care

On the Internet stool-clothes battles do not cease. A mess or not a mess? And if not on a chair, then where? You will be surprised, but this can also be a problem. And also - is there any harm to this from clothes? In the midst of a fierce battle, bearded Old Believers appear, reminiscent of folk signs associated with this action. Well, since people care so much, let's try to figure it out.

Why you should not leave clothes on the back of a chair

Yes, right away, we start with the categorical "no." Most disputes lead to this, because a lot of arguments are given. And basically they come down to three.

Mystical reason: omen forbids

With this argument, everything is simple. Either you unconditionally believe in signs, or you do not believe - then skip this point and proceed to the next.

If you are still here, then this is what information I have on this issue. According to various sources, folk signs speak of two troubles:

  • loss of money;
  • the loss of grooms.

What trouble more is up to you. But if you are afraid one day not to hear a paper rustling in your wallet (you can replace it with a ring of coins or a signal of successful payment by a credit card) or a groom serenade under the window - rather, remove clothes from the back of the chair!

Realistic reason: more clothes - about less

This item is a little more complicated, because the controversy raises a philosophical question - what is a mess? And just then opinions differ radically. For some, clothes on a chair (subject to cleanliness around) is an order, for someone - no order.

And why? And most importantly: where, if not on a chair? Into the cupboard? But there are clean, ironed clothes hanging there! There you can’t hang jeans that were worn all day. And if you took the thing for a short time, say, for half a day or even a couple of hours? If the closet is small, the constant movement of clothes back and forth will sooner or later remember her.

Not only do they see the point in throwing clothes that are worn just one day in the wash. And not everyone has such a quantity of clothes that, according to the rules of style, change the wardrobe every day. All that remains is the intermediate between the closet and the washing option in the form of the back of a chair, a kind of "purgatory" in the life of things.

But there is the following reinforced concrete argument.

Important! Clothes on a chair tend to accumulate. And over time, it turns into a shapeless pile, which certainly has nothing to do with the order.

And raking this pile of things during cleaning becomes a whole ritual. Therefore, it is better to free the cupboard from unnecessary things (so that it would not be scary to hang the worn) and leave the unfortunate chair alone.

Practical reason: harm to clothing

In continuation of the topic of caring for things, it’s worth recalling one more thing. No matter how neatly you hang clothes on a chair, it wrinkles anyway more than on a hanger . And even more so if you put one thing on another.

This is especially true for business suits. For example, even if you hang the trousers on a rectangular back, at the place of the bend it may remain a hall over which you have to conjure with an iron. Folding trousers in the seat will get even more creases. Well, by hanging them on a round or oval back, you will acquire folds of the most unpredictable shapes.

The same goes for the jacket.

Reference! The shoulders are so called because they are close to the anatomy of the shoulders. This allows the jacket to maintain its shape. The back of the chair will not be able to help.

Special hangers for those who cannot get rid of bad habits

No matter how much I paint it all, there will always be people for whom such arguments for one reason or another do not matter. Then it remains only to adapt to their desires.

Very witty designers do it. Do not want to harm clothes? Here is a back in the form of a hanger. No chair at all? Here you have hangers in the form of backs!