Why cheap Belarusian shoes are not worse than expensive European

Often I encounter the problem of selecting shoes, especially winter. The large size combined with the high rise and wide foot create serious problems. It is very disappointing when expensive shoes, which seem to be suitable in all respects, begin to create discomfort. After two unsuccessful purchases of foreign leather boots and sandals, I stopped looking for expensive European-style shoes.

Darling doesn’t mean good!

Unfortunately, I was convinced of this from my own experience. Sometimes after buying shoes from European manufacturers interesting nuances pop up. For example, graceful leather shoes with a hem after the first day of socks painted my tights in blue and purple. The seller extended a description of the claim in the salon, where there is a line “it is possible to stain third-party items”. Calling my legs with third-party objects was not entirely correct. I was waiting for another surprise when buying autumn shoes, when I came home completely wet. Having studied the inscription on the box, I found the line "only for dry weather." Where did you see dry autumn in Russia?

Buying items from European manufacturers on the market is not worth it; it is better to visit a salon or brand store.

Full of disappointment, I went to Belvest salon. It is impossible to describe my happiness when a suitable size was found, the fullness and boot calmly fastened on my leg. Maybe I was just lucky ... During the year I bought those same boots, classic boats and solid durable sandals. They may not have a red sole, like the Louboutins, but they have adequately withstood the season and are waiting for the next year in a shoe cabinet.

Inexpensive shoes from Belarus - what is it

Belarusian shoes are designed for our realities, wet autumn with sudden cold, snowy harsh winter, hot summer. Slavic women rarely have a small foot size and an almost flat narrow foot. In the course of sizes from 37 to 41 with normal fullness and high rise. It's a shame to buy an expensive thing and leave it gathering dust aside, comforted by the consciousness that it is.

Do not believe the sellers who claim that the shoes are spread, sit on the foot, will be comfortable. It will not be if it immediately hurts or uncomfortable.

The most famous manufacturers of Belarusian shoes: Belvest and Marco. The products of both are distinguished by a convenient shoe, correctly installed strong arch support, a stable heel and an excellent margin of safety. It does not get wet, does not freeze, requires minimal care, lasts several seasons.

Does it make sense to buy expensive shoes from Europe

In the wardrobe must be shoes suitable for an evening dress. In this case, it is better to choose a European model, having carefully studied its characteristics and hoping that it will only serve for ceremonial exits. For some owners of an elegant leg, spending most of the time driving a personal car, expensive shoes from Europe are becoming an indicator of status rather than a really useful thing. Sometimes it’s lucky for quality, and the European model corresponds to its price, it serves several seasons without unpleasant surprises.

I'm not lucky yet. Italian shoes Nando Muzi are stored on the shelf, I can’t confirm the authenticity, they blew me the budget at one time. They are universal, suitable for evening and office wardrobe, worn on special occasions. I have very different things on common socks.

For several years, I prefer to spend the cost of one pair of European boots on two or three pairs of Belarusian shoes. For the winter I choose Marco, their tread is more powerful and not slippery in ice. Sandals Belvest never awarded me calluses or swelling in the evening. They are easy and convenient to go to a party or stay all day, running with work assignments along the corridors of our publishing house.

Everyone has their own opinion about shoes, I settled on the fact that often the high price of shoes is not a guarantee of comfort and convenience.