Why can’t you try on clothes in a store in Korea?

Each country has its own traditions and rules. Sometimes some of them are perplexing among the Russians. Unusual seems a ban on measuring things in South Korea. Stores selling clothes of local brands do not even have booths for trying on.

Important! This does not apply to stores of European and American brands (Zara, Mango, etc.). They have exactly the same rules and standards as in the whole world.

Why not allowed to try things on?

There is a version that local residents use too much makeup. She stains clothes, so most Korean stores prohibit fitting.

However, most of the time things are presented in Korea in a single S size, so there is no need to evaluate the thing on the figure. In addition, sellers know several ways to understand if clothing is suitable .

Trying methods

Changing rooms are really rare in Korean stores . But with the permission of the seller, you can try on outerwear: coats, jackets, raincoats, jackets. Some shops allow you to try on a light dress, but this is already a rarity.

Reference! Most sellers will help you evaluate a thing without trying on the basis of your parameters. So, they are sure that half of the waist circumference is equal to the circumference of the neck . Koreans often apply shorts, skirts and jeans to their neck.

If the seller allowed to try on the dress, but there is no cabin, he will offer to put on a long skirt with a petticoat and then the selected product for her. Having removed your skirt and looked in the mirror, you will understand if you need a purchase.

But whether blouses, shirts and sweaters are suitable - you have to learn to determine by eye.

Important! In South Korea, most of the items are size S. It corresponds to the European one. However, clothes of oversize size are basically, therefore, it will also suit a figure with other parameters.

Wear T-shirts to try on

The most profitable purchases are made in the market . Often sellers have a shop in the market and a point in the mall. That's only in the first place things are much cheaper.

If you're aiming for shopping, wear a T-shirt. With the permission of the seller, to try on a thing from the top of the wardrobe, it will be more convenient to do this with a shirt or t-shirt under normal clothes, because there are no abinks in most places .

Buyer Tips

Recommendations to customers:

  • Bargain . If the price tag is missing and you are not in the official store of the brand, bidding will be appropriate. Koreans always inflate prices for foreigners . But really appreciate the thing, you do not need to be greedy, otherwise the seller will not want to give in at all.

  • In the evening, sellers are more likely to make concessions . According to their belief, transactions in the morning should be profitable.
  • Pay in cash . It is likely that the seller will make a discount. Also, when using a credit card, there is often a commission in stores.
  • Do not buy a thing instantly, even if it is love at first sight. Most likely, it is in neighboring stores, and probably cheaper.
  • Learn or write down basic Korean words . Sellers will be more favorable to you and will give a discount or a small gift.

Korea surprises with its traditions. It may seem that it’s easier to go to the brand store, where there is a civilized fitting room . However, there are many local manufacturers in the country who are notable for their quality and pleasant price. You should listen to the seller’s advice on trying on or independently determine whether a thing is suitable for the face and figure.