Why can’t you carry a photo in your wallet?

Many people carry a photograph of a family or just a dear person in their wallet. They are guided by various reasons. But the neighborhood of money and photographs is undesirable. This has several good reasons.

Reasons why you can't carry photos in your wallet

Money has a neutral energy. But they can absorb the mood of the owner. The financial flow is quite rapid, therefore, it is impossible to predict whose bills got into the wallet. But money can transmit negativity in photographs that are nearby, so you need to reconsider your attitude to this process.

The main reasons why you can not carry photos in your wallet:

  • money passes through many people who have different energies, and bills absorb everything and can convey negative experience through photography;
  • it is forbidden to put pictures of dead friends in your wallet, because they carry destructive energy ;
  • according to popular superstitions, a photograph of a loved one in a wallet will lead to an early separation due to loss of attraction;
  • if you place a photo next to the finances, then the flow of money decreases.

Important! To attract money into your life, you can put images of rich people in your wallet.

In general, the ritual of storing photos in a wallet looks pointless. A reminder of loved ones can serve as a picture in a frame on the table or a photo in the medallion. And bills next to the family picture look ridiculous.

In terms of esotericism

According to esotericists, photographs and money are powerful sources of energy. Finances can affect not only the picture, but also the person depicted in it. Due to the ill-conceived neighborhood, the person who was captured has problems in different areas of life. A series of bad luck awaits him.

For the owner of the wallet, the combination of banknotes with photos also does not bring anything good. The snapshot tries to block the negative impact, so overall cash flow decreases. Esoterics in this matter are unanimous. They recommend that you remove the photo as soon as possible so that the flow of finances resumes, and loved ones do not suffer from constant failures.

Energy taboo

It is photographs that many sorcerers use in their gloomy rites, because this piece of paper carries the energy of a person who was captured. Money also carries a certain charge, and the wallet is the center of this energy . If you place these two elements side by side, then the cash flow will cease, a person will begin to experience financial setbacks.

Important! If a loved one at some point was the cause of financial difficulties, then his photo in his wallet will only block the flow of profit.

Forbidden neighborhood money and photos

In addition to energy reasons, there are also folk signs. They promise failure to the one pictured in the wallet. If this is a snapshot of a lover or lover, then this connection will be short-lived. All superstitions say that you should not expect good from such a neighborhood . No one is obliged to believe in folk tales, but it is better to play it safe, especially in the neighborhood of money and photos there is no sense.

What else is forbidden to keep in the wallet:

  • various checks, travel tickets and tickets for trips to entertainment places;
  • someone's business cards;
  • expired bank cards;
  • prescriptions for the purchase of medicines, especially those with an expired shelf life, otherwise all the money will be directed to treatment;
  • money received as a win or find.

Photos reflect personal relationships, emotional sphere. Banknotes are the main symbol of the material side of life. Linking these two areas does not make sense. It even looks insulting to the person in the picture.