Why in Brazil do not put bags on the floor

Brazil is a mysterious country with its amazing features. The benevolence of the population and amazing nature makes the country attractive and popular for foreigners. Descendants of Indians, Africans, Portuguese - modern Brazilians know many traditions and customs. They also believe in signs and try to abide by them.

Put it on the floor - get impoverished

In ancient times, people kept their savings in bags (purses). They are securely attached to the belts, so as not to lose. But as soon as the owner removed his wallet from the belt and was distracted, it could have been stolen, or the owner himself, out of forgetfulness, could have left the bag on the counter.

With the arrival of bags, backpacks, wallets in our modern world, the need for simple devices for storing money has disappeared. But there was a reverent attitude towards products for carrying food products, things, storing a wallet, and signs remained with that.

If you leave a bag on the floor in your house, and in it there is a wallet with money, then this is regarded as "leaking money to the floor." The financial situation worsens, and the family begins to feel a need.

In addition, the bag left on the floor portended the theft of valuable items and money. It is enough to put in the hallway a table or bedside table for bags and backpacks to avoid negative consequences.

In Brazil, they never put bags on the floor, it threatens poverty. Often superstition means the loss of not only material values, but also spiritual ones: betrayal, betrayal.

The following sign also speaks of a frivolous attitude to money - an accidental fall of a wallet to the ground. If the wallet accidentally fell out of hand, then financial problems cannot be avoided.

There is a lot of negative energy on the floor

Many people believe in signs. Each dwelling has its own world and carries its own energy structure, and all nations have their own traditions and superstitions.

We must remember: "Negative energy at home provokes depression, apathy, disease."

Signs of its concentration on the floor include:

  1. Unreasonable fatigue, drowsiness throughout the day, irritability.
  2. Inexplicable noises and sounds.
  3. Drafts.
  4. The disappearance of things.
  5. Frequent damage to household appliances.
  6. Difficult relations between households (swearing, quarrels).
  7. Withering flowers, pet diseases.
  8. Frequent burnout of light bulbs.

It is necessary to get rid of it, to clean the room.

There are many ways to clean a room: holy water, a candle, a thistle branch.

Things left on the floor, according to signs, including bags, collect all the negative energy that has accumulated from the floor. And money loves cleanliness, they can take offense and leave.

Therefore, it is important not to block the flow of money. To do this, do not leave the bag with the wallet in it on the floor.

It's dirty on the floor

There are other reasons why you should not leave your bag on the floor. They are associated with material and spiritual premises.

But, there is also the simplest reason. Sex is not only a gathering place for negativity, but also for elementary dirt. There is a belief that dirt in an apartment attracts all evil spirits. After washing the floors, the air becomes cleaner and breathing easier. In order to maintain cleanliness, do not leave the bag on a dirty floor.

And do not forget that money does not like dirt, and the floor is a dirty surface and money from the owner who puts the bag with his wallet on the floor will not be found - they will go to a cleaner place.

What to do to make money?

  1. Keep the bag clean, wipe the outside and inside of the product with a damp cloth.
  2. Carefully put everything into it, so that every thing has its place.
  3. Do not allow a pile of things, do more checks in the compartments of the bag and remove unnecessary items.

The roots of superstition go back to antiquity. People from distant times believed that otherworldly forces - evil or good, make themselves felt with the help of signs (clues). Many signs were born, thanks to which it was possible to avoid trouble or to attract fortune.

But, often, this or that prediction will come true or not, depends on the faith and inner conviction of man.