Why a bra is called a bra

Underwear is an intimate and very important thing, especially in the life of a woman. A correctly selected kit will provide convenience and comfort for the whole day, as well as add confidence. After all, nothing will distract its owner from everyday affairs and goals. Women carefully choose a new model, paying attention to quality and small details. Turning to the seller, many call the product either a bra or a bra. But they do not feel very confident, not knowing whether it is possible to replace one word with another.

Let's see together why a bra is often called a bra. Are we going to make the mistake of continuing to use both names.

What is a bra

This item of clothing got its name thanks to the German word, literally meaning "supporting breasts . "

Outwardly, it represents two cups of a rounded shape connected by a belt. As well as various straps in width, location and method of attachment. The main task of a bra is to maintain a breast for the greater comfort of a woman.

Reference. Some models were made specifically in order to improve the shape of the breast or increase its size.

There are also sports bras that stretch women's uniforms for comfortable playing sports.

What is a bra

The word "bodice" comes from the Dutch "corpus". Initially, it was used to denote a number of objects:

  • the upper part of the women's dress;
  • shortened T-shirt;
  • Combination with stocking fasteners.

Help “Bra” is a derivative form of a word used in colloquial speech.

It can be heard even in slang military speech, where the so-called special vests are designed to accommodate and carry ammunition.

Is it possible to call a bra a bra

A bra can be called both a bra and a dense top for everyday wear or sports. This wardrobe item is usually wider and more massive; in its manufacture, the consumption of materials can significantly increase.

Today, women in our country often replace one word with another. And this can not be considered a mistake . After all, often it is really about the same wardrobe item that performs similar functions.