Why bedding smells stale in the closet

Causes of mustiness

The unpleasant aroma from bedding can occur due to several reasons:

  • long-term treatment in a basket with dirty things;
  • low quality of the material;
  • improper storage;
  • the presence of dust mites.

Humidity in a room or closet

Mustiness in bedding can occur due to increased humidity in the room. Most often, the presence of mold in a wardrobe also creates an unpleasant odor from the laundry. Another negative factor is poor ventilation .

Not dry laundry

The smell of dampness is often the result of poorly dried clothes after washing or storage in a room with poor ventilation.

Foreign odors

The smell of bedding can occur due to worn items with amber sweat, perfume, cigarette smoke. It starts to smell with a nearby kitchen and the smell of food penetrating from cooking. In addition, the smell of mustiness can occur as a result of the smell of animals, household chemicals.

Ways of struggle and useful tips

  • You do not need to keep bedding and those things that were worn at least once or made of synthetics that smell of perfume;
  • If dust mites are the cause, it is best to steam the cabinet. Dissolve the salt in water, making a 20% solution and wipe well inside the furniture;
  • If the laundry is poorly ventilated during drying, then you can additionally dry it by hanging it on the dryer, put a heater closer or blow dry;
  • To eliminate the smell of mold, put a few tablets of activated carbon inside it. They should be changed once a month.

Stages of controlling odor

The problems of the smell of musty are easiest to solve comprehensively, especially if the cause of its occurrence is unknown.

Carefully remove the linen closet

The storage cabinet should be as clean as possible. To do this, it is aired, occasionally taking out all things and additionally drying it on a sunny day on the balcony or on the street.

Spend wet cleaning, removing dust from shelves and crossbeams. It should also be treated with wax, which disinfects the surface.

If the family smokes, then the wardrobe is wiped with water, acidified with vinegar, a wet towel is hung in it for half an hour, and then all surfaces are wiped dry.

We remove the mold

If cleaning did not help, then most likely the reason is mold fungi:

  • remove all items from the closet;
  • eliminate the affected area with a solution of vinegar. To do this, take a solution of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. If desired, vinegar can be replaced with peroxide or boric acid;
  • if this does not help, then it is worth using the "heavy artillery." These places are cleaned with "whiteness";
  • we remodel all the things that were in the closet and dry on the street;
  • during the week we don’t put things in furniture. It should take time to make sure that the solution worked.

Fragrances for a pleasant smell

To give linen a pleasant aroma, you can use conditioners, toilet soap with a pleasant aroma, solutions with essential oils and aromatic sachets .