Why be prepared? 2019 surprises and surprises

Fashion is subject to frequent changes in styles, colors and shapes. On the border of the trends and tastes of fashionistas, the most relevant images are obtained. Many trends are expected, but the catwalks annually surprise with new products and eclectic options.

What 2019 trends will surprise fashionistas?

Denim novelties

  • The 2019 season is marked by the return of flared jeans.

Advice! Flared trousers are equipped with a wide cropped blazer or shirt with ties at the waist. Depending on the choice of accessories, a fashionable bow is transformed both towards a business image and into a light street style.

  • Actual jeans made of bleached denim are reminiscent of the famous “boletus” from the 90s, but differ in fit and cut.

Advice! Denim total bow is complemented by jackets and bags from the same bleached fabric.

  • Elements from overalls come to the place of clothes in the spirit of a military: an abundance of pockets, Velcro and zippers, grayish shades and emphasized sharp cut.

  • Trousers with a drawstring or cuff along the lower edge returned from the old and almost forgotten to the podium. Thanks to this nuance, the ankles look slimmer, and the legs are longer.

Pay attention to the hands

Interest in hand accents is increasing.

  • The splendor and baggyness of the sleeves are emphasized by the original cut, reviving the “bat” style and large flounces .

  • The shoulders are decorated with embroidery and decor of unusual shapes.
  • In summer, fashionistas will appreciate the opportunity to try on a sophisticated dress with bare shoulders . The flowing neckline symbolizes femininity.

Important! The perfect choice for a dress with lowered shoulders is a delicate floral print, flowing texture and a length of up to the knee and below.

  • The tendency to bare shoulders is also evident in jackets. Option - the displacement of things from one shoulder.

Print and color

  • The blurry print is in the trend leaders of the new season. Vague outlines of patterns, implicit shades of color distinguish the popular technique of dyeing fabrics called "Tai Dai . " The catwalks of fashion shows are filled with spectacular images with an intricate play of color. A hint of faded fabric, a reference to the bright characters of the hippie culture are manifested on knitted, silk fabrics, leather accessories and shoes.

Important! in order to avoid being overloaded with color and not to look foolish, clothing with a blurry print should be combined with neutral monophonic (mostly black) things and accessories.

  • Among the favorites of the color scheme are white, beige, cornflower blue, pale blue.

  • The images of bold fashionistas are complemented by lush snow-white feathers : from small clouds on the shoulders to spectacular dresses with flying feathers.

  • Of the ambiguous combinations of prints - a conglomerate of relaxed colors in a cage and strict stripes . The traditional blotches of retro style in the 2019 season are manifested in monochrome polka dots.

What distinguishes fashionable shoes in 2019

The concept of shoe fashion makes a turn towards geometry .

Important! Under the slogan “everything but the usual”, heels in the form of triangular pyramids, concave figures, round plates and other ornate shapes, as well as unusually square noses, go out on the fashion podium.

  • Bright colors characterize not only summer shoes. Variegated boots and ankle boots (blue, yellow, red) complete the outfits for the autumn-winter period.
  • Sneakers continue to compete with boats in the right to reunite with a business suit. The aggressiveness of the thick sole of fashionable sneakers is softened by delicate embroidery and appliqués.

  • Snow-white shoes in 2019 are also at the peak of fashion. Summer option - thin cotton sneakers.

Important! Must-have shoe fashion - coral color. It is everywhere: in sporting options and summer sandals, classic shoes and beach slippers.

  • The animal print smoothly migrated from the wardrobe to the shoe row. In addition to the traditional addition of snake colors to shoes and sandals, now she also shows off on “snake-like” sneakers.
  • The vague shades of the Tai Dai style are embodied in textile shoe models. Sneakers, light espadrilles on a monophonic sole will surprise with iridescent shades.

Surprises from accessories

  • The accents of the new season are the original hats, generously decorated with floral prints and embroidery . You can decorate the hairstyle with a bezel flickering with a satin sheen, a rim with feathers or mother-of-pearl ornaments woven into a braid.

  • The belt will be relevant to any look , from a light dress to a suit and coat.
  • As a costume jewelry, a strap tied to the neck like a tie looks bold.
  • Lovers of classics will appreciate floral motifs in jewelry for hair .
  • As an additional decor of the clothes, elongated shoelaces that fall along the body will serve. This topic is also revealed in fashion jewelry: pendants and bracelets are decorated with soft laces and interwoven threads.

  • In the fashion for bags, there is a movement towards capacious straw, linen and bag-bags .

  • Sunglasses did not go around the changes: in the new season, the trend for exaggerated large frames .