Why the bag can not be put on the table and on the floor: etiquette and signs

A man does not understand why a woman chooses her handbag for so long. Even more questions are caused by their quantity. And women understand each other without words, because they are united by a common attitude to handbags. But then not everyone treats the ladies accessory the same way. Not everyone, for example, attaches importance to where they put the handbag. And it turns out the subject, which was so carefully chosen, either on the table or on the floor. And in vain! You can’t put them here!

To understand why, you need to remember how you treated accessories in the past.

How the tradition of attitude towards bags was born

Our ancestors treated objects of their everyday life with special attention. And besides, they endowed them with almost magical power. Such a reverent attitude led to the appearance of a number of signs. Sometimes their meaning is completely incomprehensible. But as a rule, everything can be explained by simple logic.

Before the advent of modern bags and wallets, people used string bags, pouches or special pockets in which they put money and various small things.

Such an accessory was hidden under clothes or tied to a belt to protect against theft and accidental loss.

Many centuries have passed since then, but the purpose of the present bags, backpacks, clutches remained the same. A special attitude towards them remains.

Why the bag does not fit on the floor

In ancient times, string bags and knapsacks were not only of practical importance, but they were also a symbol of material wealth, savings . That is why it was necessary to treat them appropriately, with attention and reverence.

In no case should you throw your bag on the floor . It was believed that negative energy was accumulating underfoot, which could cause poverty and discord, and drag out unhappiness.

In addition, any thing without proper supervision was easy prey for thieves.

IMPORTANT! Feng Shui masters claim that the bag left on the floor promises women conflicts and disappointments with loved ones. And for men - problems, misunderstandings at work and financial losses.

Many people in the modern world are still under the influence of signs trying not to put their accessories on the floor. Perhaps this is a subconscious belief in the probability of possible material losses.

The reason for this may be ordinary practicality. As a rule, the floor is the dirtiest place in any room . The bag may get dirty. Therefore, according to the rules of etiquette, it is better to put it on a special shelf or hang it on the back of a chair.

Why you should not put the bag on the table

Since ancient times, the center of any home, the gathering place of the whole family was a dining table. He was associated with well-being, affluence and understanding.

HELP . Our ancestors called this most important piece of furniture "the palm of God extended to people."

At the same time, the main wealth of a person was considered spiritual values, but not material. People believed that money has negative energy. And therefore, they do not have a place on the table next to God-given dishes.

IMPORTANT! The kitty or wallet laid on the table promised conflicts in the family, debts, unrequited love, or even serious illnesses. Neglect of omen foreshadowed man's inevitable misfortune.

One way or another, but any superstition is criticized. Modern skeptics argue that a bag should not be placed on a table for the sole reason of hygiene . Accessory is not a place where people take food.

Continuing the tradition is up to you

To believe or not to believe in signs? Trust and follow the life experience of the ancestors or be guided by logic alone? Everyone makes a choice for themselves .

But even if one or another superstition can be logically explained, subconsciously I still want to follow them . After all, these are not just ancient tales, but an essential part of our culture and mentality.

Therefore, make sure that your handbag does not appear on the floor. And it’s better not to put it on the table!