Why on backpacks a rhombus with slots

Surely everyone noticed rhombic stripes made of leather or other materials on canvas backpacks. It is interesting that this is not a feature of any particular brand, because such patches are on almost all types of backpacks.

Types and features of rhombuses with slots on backpacks

Patches, in any case, have the shape of a rhombus and are equipped with two parallel cuts. The location of the slots can be either vertical or horizontal, it already depends on the preferences of the designer.

Reference! For English-speaking peoples, the rhombus has a rather funny name “pig nose”, which literally sounds like a pig's penny. If you look closely, you can see that similarity is observed.

Backpacks can be equipped with one or more diamonds located in different parts of the surface. But most often they are sewn at the top of the backpack. The most popular material for diamonds is leather, but others can also be used:

  • Dense fabrics.
  • PVC

As well as other suitable materials. At the same time, there are no restrictions in the colors of rhombuses, but black, beige or gray are considered the most popular colors.

Why on backpacks a rhombus with slots

In English, the official name of the rhombus is “lash tab”, which means a tongue for tying. From this it can be understood that this design element is intended for tying any objects.

Ever since the distant times when backpacks were used only for long, grueling hikes in the mountains and boundless expanses of the earth, various objects necessary for tourists, but for which there was no place inside or the need for them, were tied to rhombuses and fastened now with a lace often. For example, it could be ropes, lanterns, etc. Thanks to these small elements, a person loaded his backpack as much as possible and at the same time, his hands remained free, which, of course, is important.

Initially, rhombs were made exclusively from leather, but they had one significant drawback. After getting wet and subsequent drying, the product warped and quickly lost strength. Therefore, subsequently, these elements began to be made of plastic materials having a longer service life.

I must say that on modern backpacks used in everyday life, a patch in the form of a rhombus is used purely as a decorative element, which is unlikely to be able to hang a heavy load. Well, if only, tie a small flashlight or decorative keychain to it.