Why armpits in a shirt sweat

In the summer, sweat stains on the shirt cause discomfort and make you feel very uncomfortable. When such spots appear, a person is forced to quickly change clothes during the day. But this is not always successful. Why do you have to suffer so much? Let's talk about the causes of such spots and how to get rid of the problem.

Causes of spots under the armpits

It is in the armpits that sweat glands are concentrated. Sweat stains are the result of the activity of these glands. The reasons for increased sweating are many. The most likely are those.

Common reasons

  • at high air temperatures, the body, in order not to overheat, releases moisture - its evaporation helps to cool the body;
  • a person is actively sweating at the moment of experiencing, fright or in a state of stress ;
  • with great physical exertion, moisture droplets appear on the skin, contributing to a decrease in body temperature;
  • the constant wearing of synthetics or tight clothing also contributes to increased sweating .

Health Causes

  • during a cold, sweat is released - this is a necessary condition for recovery;
  • hormonal disorders in most cases also give increased sweating (this can be a normal menopause, and pregnancy with lactation, and the postpartum, and premenstrual period);
  • excessive fullness (in this case, profuse sweating is associated with slowed rhythms of metabolic processes);
  • the development of a number of diseases (VSD, endocrine disorders, oncology, diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems);
  • the effect of drugs .

Important! If you violate the rules of hygiene, sweat with an unpleasant odor will appear.

How to make armpits dry

There are several ways to help reduce sweating.

To forget about wet armpits, we recommend

  • monitor your diet and limit the use of spices, coffee, salt;
  • eat more currants, strawberries, apples;
  • dress according to the weather and wear only natural things;
  • observe hygiene, regularly change clothes;
  • visit the bathhouse - this will help to remove toxins and harmful substances from the body faster;
  • support the body with vitamins;
  • obese people need to increase physical activity : gradually the excess weight will go away, and with it the increased sweating will disappear.

Folk remedies to help with wet armpits

Folk remedies also help get rid of wet armpits.

  • for those who plan to stay indoors for several hours, it is necessary to strengthen the effect of antiperspirant; it will be sufficient only to additionally use talc ;
  • tea with sage and lemon balm reduces perspiration;
  • baths with medicinal plants (oak bark, sage, oats decoction, chamomile) give a positive effect.
  • rubbing armpits with decoctions of these plants or boric acid.

Important! Rubbing with a lemon slice also effectively reduces perspiration.

To wipe led to the desired result, you must perform them on clean skin. Therefore, the problem area is first wiped with clean water or wet wipes.


  • Nobody canceled antiperspirants ! They act individually. Pick a suitable product and apply it on clean skin.

Important! For daily use, only products containing 15% aluminum chloride can be used.

  • Special inserts that attach to clothing and protect it by absorbing moisture.

If such methods do not help in any way, you should consult a doctor.