Why are white slippers considered an attribute of a funeral?

You have probably heard more than once about white slippers, which are referred to as mandatory clothing, or rather, the shoes of the deceased. But is such a shoe really necessary at the funeral or is the mention of white slippers just a steady expression? Let's get it right.

Where did this tradition come from - put on white slippers on the deceased?

If you delve into history, you can find descriptions of ancient funeral rites, even pre-Christian, where traditionally they wore white shoes on the deceased. White color was perceived as a symbol of purity, calm, goodness. But why slippers?

As the old people said, the clothes of the deceased should not have knots (laces, fasteners, buckles), otherwise you can "tie the soul." If you believe this, then the choice in favor of slippers is clear - they do not have laces. Here are just a scarf on the head of the deceased just tied. Maybe the “knots” concern only shoes? One way or another, I believe in white slippers for many centuries.

Is it necessary to observe this?

Funeral rites are much more than any other, overgrown with many conventions. And all these signs sometimes differ greatly - not just in different areas, but even in different families.

In fact, strict and unyielding requirements for the color of funeral shoes do not exist . In Soviet times, this was taken easier - there were no funeral shops at all, and with a total deficit, they put on and put on a dead body without observing clear conditions. Grandmothers, collecting a bundle “to death”, put quite ordinary slippers in it. And grandfathers, like true Soviet people without prejudice, were not at all worried about anything like that. And in believing families, as far as is known, there is no such strict tradition regarding white slippers. But now, many funeral services companies offer similar shoes for the deceased. However, they also have some choice.

What do these slippers look like?

Funeral agencies offer ready-made white and black slippers. They are usually sewn from soft fabric. On the heel is an elastic band. It is these shoes that are much easier to put on the deceased. It can be from satin, cotton, velveteen and even eco-leather.

Important! Funeral shoes are sewn in a special way: they do not have a firm sole, which is why even custom-made shoes can be sewn in a very short time.

What types are they?

Analyzing the offers of companies offering funeral services, we can say that shoes for funerals are usually of two colors - black and white. Often these are soft textile slippers. The backdrop is required . By special order, funeral shoes can be equipped with embroidery in various colors. More often they offer to embroider crosses or prayer.

The most expensive option is custom-made shoes made of genuine leather in white, black or beige . The female version of such shoes is very similar to ordinary ballet flats. Unless with a very soft sole. There will be no buckles, clasps or laces on such shoes.

With the development of the ritual service, the problems with choosing shoes are becoming less and less. But if the old man has already prepared everything and chose ordinary shoes, is it necessary to go against the clock and buy what is “supposed”?