Why are we actually losing things? Psychology of losses

The loss of a thing is an unpleasant thing, and it doesn’t matter if some trinket or keys to the apartment or a telephone are lost. You blame yourself for carelessness, distraction for a long time. Then you focus and promise yourself that you will never lose anything again. But after a month you can’t find the very red T-shirt, which was always in sight, hung here!

It seems to you all this by accident, you justify it with your absent-mindedness and forgetfulness, but your brain thinks quite differently.

How your brain specifically “kicks out” unnecessary things

You can be a very serious business person who has everything seized, hundreds of people are subordinate, but once you just forget your wallet in a cafe. How does this happen?

The answer to the question was given by the world famous Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. In his opinion, distraction, forgetfulness is an unconscious defense against negative emotions.

Consider the example of a forgotten wallet. Yes, perhaps you are a major boss, it’s a sin to complain about income. But what is this money worth? Constant hassle, lack of sleep, spoiled health, lack of free time, conflicts with the family. Your brain sees money or a wallet as the culprit of all these problems. Unobtrusively "throwing" him out of your life, he gives you a hint that it's time to change something.

After the next cabinet revision, you suddenly could not find your skinny jeans? Although they were uncomfortable, but you wore them, friends complimented you. How can we do without them now? Say thanks to your brain. He decided that discomfort is not even worth the approving opinion of society, and therefore your jeans are now stocked somewhere.

Autumn is the time of rains, and therefore often have to carry an umbrella. Here you are going to work, looking for an umbrella, but it is nowhere to be found. Here, your subconscious mind builds the following chain:
  1. I drag an umbrella all week, it’s very inconvenient.
  2. It had been forecasting rain all week, but it still wasn't there.
  3. I’ll forget, I’m in the subway, I don’t want to drag it all day.

So here we are, unknowingly protecting ourselves from everything bad. So the next time you lose a thing, look at this question more deeply. Perhaps you did everything to “throw out” this thing along with the emotions that it brought into your life.

It is better to turn to a psychologist for advice so that he helps you deal with life problems.