Why are soft toys made from the clothes of the dead

The death of a loved one is always difficult to survive. Not only the man himself is leaving, but his memory is literally erased from everyday life right before his eyes. Things are thrown out and handed out, photographs are often lost, the character and habits of the deceased are forgotten, how he lived, what he loved, what he aspired to. Of course, in the age of information technology, it is much easier to store digitized photos and videos as a memory of a person, but not all of this is enough.

A memory of the dead that can be touched

A rather unusual type of needlework is gaining popularity. After the death of a loved one, whether it is a relative, lover or friend, anyone can bring a craftswoman a few things so that she made a toy from them. And usually this is some kind of animal, which during life resembled the deceased: a cat, a wolf, a dog, a bear, a bird and any one of many others.

As a result of the efforts of the needlewoman, a toy comes out from under her fingers that is no longer needed by anyone, but a completely independent and holistic personification of a deceased person, the way he was seen by his closest and dearest people.

Important! Of course, in deeply religious circles, it is believed that wearing or using the deceased’s clothes in any way is a sin, but only the close circle of a person decides what is acceptable for them and what isn’t, because there are no scientific grounds for the negative impact of the deceased owners of these items.

According to psychologists, this kind of toy helps to survive grief and reduces stress, because before the living, in fact, it is the embodiment of the departed, a positive memory of him and a new image on which you can focus your attention. A toy from the things of the deceased can serve as a reminder that even after death, loved ones and loved ones remain with us for as long as we wish. Also, the process of selecting fabrics for toys and choosing the animal incarnation of the deceased is a good reason to recall in a narrow circle all the events, stories and pleasant moments associated with this person, which can also greatly facilitate the experience of loss.