Why Americans do not have clothes "on the way out"

In the world of fashion, a new trend is growing: the rejection of expensive clothes in favor of simplicity and comfort. For example, when you come to America, you are amazed how much the mentality of Americans is different from ours! And the point is not only in the constant implementation of generally accepted rules, but also in clothing. The American wardrobe has become an example of conciseness and convenience.

Portrait of a typical american

You should always look at the root. It so happened historically that the Americans are a very young nation, arising from a unique alloy of many peoples who came to the New World. Perhaps one can even say that pragmatism and democracy arose as a result of natural selection.

African Americans have a special position in society. Since slavery in the United States, they have occupied one of the leading lines in demography.

Characteristic features of Americans:

  1. Bright individualism on the verge of egoism.
  2. Independence is brought up from a young age, children are accustomed to independence, but for some reason they cannot be left alone at home until the age of 14.
  3. In a conversation, Americans quickly get to the point without wasting precious time on tricks.
  4. Simplicity in communication between people of different status and age.
  5. Denial of stiffness.
  6. They decided to constantly compete, as in the USA they appreciate all kinds of records and achievements.
  7. Friendship is not particularly responsible; it is easier to share personal problems with a psychologist.
  8. Personal comfort is very much appreciated: it is absolutely normal to throw your legs on the table or go in pajamas to the store.
  9. An active life position and the ability to defend their interests allow them to really "impose" a point of view.
  10. Total health care, smoking cessation, but at the same time passion for fatty and junk food.

It can be concluded that in general, Americans are not without contradictions, but at the same time they are simple, energetic and independent

from someone else’s opinion.

How to dress in America

We often see luxurious tricks of Hollywood stars on TV, discuss their gorgeous outfits, but at the same time, thanks to the ubiquitous Internet, photos appear where a celebrity is dressed in a simple way and drinks coffee on a park bench. For people, personal comfort is important, not a beautiful picture. Much easier to get to work in sneakers, and there already put on shoes with heels.

Most Americans are not always dressed for the weather! It is normal to see a girl in a light skirt and leather boots. In addition, they are not used to low temperatures, especially in the South. There, even -5º Celsius is equated with a cataclysm, and all without exception dress up in down jackets or stay at home.

The notorious boots are not removed at home. It’s not customary for them to take off their shoes, walk around the house in slippers, on the contrary: it is considered the norm to come to visit and, without changing shoes, sit down to dinner. But this is already a consequence of cleanliness in the streets and lack of dust.

The perception of fashion by Americans is very different from ours. In our restaurant or ordinary cafe, girls always appear in beautiful dresses, with fresh make-up and luxurious styling. We are ready to spend hours on training, diligently putting gloss. Americans prefer not to divide clothes into festive and casual; in the restaurant you can meet a person in a regular T-shirt, tracksuit or jeans. The main thing is to be comfortable!

It cannot be said whether it is good or bad, such is the mentality of people, their established traditions. Looking back at global trends, you can see that there is a movement towards convenience. The legendary Steve Jobs proved that a businessman does not have to have a business suit. His jeans and a black turtleneck have become a symbol of a confident person, easy to communicate and ready for new achievements.