Why after 50 a woman needs chinos

Over the years, you begin to appreciate comfort more and more. Maybe that’s why you’re so careful about choosing new things. Comfort for many modern women is associated with trousers. And really, how to do without them, what to replace in order to maintain convenience? But trousers for trousers are different! Have you noticed how ridiculous women in age look when they put on tight tight pants? Do not repeat their mistake! After 50, it’s best to choose chinos. Why? Now we will tell.

Originality of style

This model is a shortened, narrowed down design. For women after 50, they have a number of obvious advantages over other options.

the cloth

Chinos are made from natural material that does not rub the skin, does not cause irritation and has pleasant tactile characteristics. This is mainly durable cotton or linen. Unlike usual jeans, these materials are much softer.


The free design of this type does not constrain movement and leaves room for ventilation.


Based on this model, you can make outfits for any purpose and life situation, from a simple walk through the streets of the city to a gala event. This is easy to achieve by selecting the appropriate shoes and complementing the composition with a suitable top.


Giving preference to this subject, it is worth considering one more indicator: color. For fifty years old, you should avoid a bright palette. The best shades will be beige, black, blue, powdery and the like.

Reference! Choose the color of the trousers according to their purpose. For the basic thing - discreet, universal colors (brown, black, beige, white, etc.). For non-standard images, you can buy bright things: blue, green, yellow.

Do not forget that the main criterion for color selection is compatibility with your appearance.

How to wear chinos after 50

In addition to the right choice, you need to be able to competently draw up an attractive image. Let's consider some worthy combinations.

Business style

For a business look, you can choose a white model, complementing it with a loose blouse to match and shading with a dark gray jacket, gray shoes and bag. So you get a strict, restrained image.

Advice! If you prefer a brighter outfit, you can replace gray with sunny yellow, which will cheer you up and fill your day with light.

To walk

For walks, you can choose olive chinos, a comfortable turtleneck, and a dark blue jacket, as stylish Linda Wright did.

Complete the outfit with stylish accessories (bag, belt, jewelry) and beautiful shoes.

In a trip

For a trip out of town or a longer trip, you can wear an olive model in combination with a small check shirt.

This option is perfect for blue-steel ballet flats and a narrow black leather strap.

To the celebration

For a festive event, use black pants and a top of the same color.

Complete them with an original light poncho with an asymmetrical bottom line, comfortable heeled shoes and stylish accessories: a leopard clutch and a wide bracelet.

Using this model, you can not only make up a lot of stylish and beautiful outfits, but also look younger than your actual age. And which of the women does not want this!

The main rule of your success: often look in the mirror and choose things not only beautiful, but also practical, which will not give you unpleasant sensations when moving.