On whom sits better: stars in identical outfits

Even a mere mortal can be very embarrassed when he meets a passerby on the street in the same clothes as his. What can we say about the stars of show business, which are always in full view. Especially if this is a gala event with a crowd of journalists and sparkling flashes of cameras. It’s even more offensive if it seems to you that the dress ideally sat on you, and when you see the exact copy, you understand that somewhere the mirror still deceived, and the inner flair failed. But none of the celebrities who chose the same outfits did not go unnoticed.

Christina Orbakaite VS Naomi Campbell

Having carefully studied the two photos, you can immediately understand that Christina is a little flattering herself. Perhaps this was conceived until the dress put on her ideal forms of Naomi. In the second case, the length did not fit a little, but it is better than the wrong size of the bodice. The dress of the daughter of the Primadonna herself goes very well in color and style, but excessive frankness and provocativeness is clearly not her thing. By the way, in the same dress both Ksenia Sobchak and Rihanna appeared in public. The latter just showed how perfectly this outfit can sit.

Polina Gagarina VS Tina Karol

Even the fans of the singers did not agree on who suits the outfit more. If you look at how the girls look, then both made a pretty good impression. But here on Tina the dress looks more bulky, and Polina in such a fashion emphasized a long neck, smooth bends of her shoulders, which once again highlighted her harmony and sophistication.

Victoria Tolstoganova VS Alyona Sviridova

Who really felt embarrassed was Alena Sviridova and Viktoria Tolstoganova. Not only did the celebrities choose the same outfits - black mini dresses under a wrap-net, but they also managed to appear in them at one event - the closing of the Kinotavr festival, which was held in Sochi. Perhaps this is the most unpleasant fashion embarrassment that could ever happen. As for the appearance of both women - the dresses are suitable for both Alena and Victoria, but whether a woman looks good in her forties in a fishing net is up to the stylists to judge, and not to us.

Kristina Orbakaite VS Anastasia Ivleeva

And again Christine. This time, the award ceremony for contribution to the development of music, to which Nastya Ivleeva was invited as a presenter. The awkwardness was smoothed out a bit by the fact that the presenter put on the dress, and the singer - jumpsuit with the same pattern. By the way, you should pay tribute to the celebrities: they were not even embarrassed, and Ivleeva didn’t even lose her temper and praised Christina for her good taste. Both artists looked very impressive and stylish, choosing classic styling and a minimum of jewelry.

S vetlan Khodchenkova VS Jennifer Lopez

Despite all the mega sexuality of Jennifer, here she definitely lost to Svetlana. Firstly, skirts of such a cut look more harmonious on thin girls, and black shoes completely put an end to this image. As for Khodchenkova, the image was chosen very well - neat perfect curls, peach-colored lipstick and white high-heeled sandals.

Vera Brezhneva VS Kourtney Kardashian

Well, who did not succeed in any fashionable failure was Vera and Courtney, one of the Kardashian sisters. Both celebrities simply look gorgeous in long dresses from Versace with a high slit, emphasizing the length and harmony of the legs of both. Hairstyle, makeup, shoes are chosen with taste and right on target. Perhaps Brezhnev only wins a little, thanks to the amazingly beautiful earrings.