Who said twins should dress equally?

Each of us will surely have a pair of familiar twins - now this is not such a rare occurrence. The physiognomic similarity in most cases is emphasized by the same “shell”: clothing, shoes, accessories . For better or worse, let's try to figure it out.

Should the twins dress equally?

This is a dilemma for many parents. Some do not suffer for a long time with the choice and buy immediately two identical sets. Others quite rightly believe that each child is an individual, from an early age he should differ from his exact "copy."

In favor of the first option is the fact that the twins very delicately feel each other, without experiencing any difficulties in communication. They are happy, for two share all the joys and sorrows. They have common interests, there is always a companion for games. The same clothes - a certain attribute, emphasizing their commonality and equivalence for others .

The second point of view is held by psychologists. They argue that the absence of any differences in appearance makes it difficult for everyone to identify as a separate, full-fledged person .

Why are twins dressed the same in childhood?

According to statistics, about 50 newborns account for one twins. Such kids are the pride of the family, and often parents try to strengthen the similarities. In preschool and early school age, this is not a big deal.

Firstly, it is beautiful. Quite different things on babies who are constantly together do not look very good, another thing is if you pick up different color schemes with similar styles.

Secondly, between children (not even twins), a dispute may arise due to the clothes you like. Anyone who does not like his vestments automatically comes to the conclusion that he was offended, that his parents love his brother or sister more. The same clothes level this problem. Many twins themselves want to be no different from each other.

Thirdly, buying two sets at once in the store is easier to get a discount, and for many families this is a big plus. Indeed, two children born at the same time imply double expenses, and there is no one to “carry” things.

It is for these reasons that the parents of twins are most often limited to the minimum details that allow them to be distinguished. For example, girls can have different earrings, elastic bands or hairpins .

Important! So that children learn to make decisions, you can entrust them with the choice of some clothes, for example, hats, socks or gloves. If they "lay their eyes" on different things - so be it, they will wear what they themselves have chosen.

Fashionable twins youth

Despite the resemblance, the twins are very different in character. One, as a rule, is a leader, the other is a follower. In adolescence, this difference becomes apparent . Each has its own interests: someone is interested in sports, and someone is interested in music. In clothes, they can also give preference to different styles, so the "rivalry" for things ceases.

When a “personal life” appears, everyone striving to look in the eyes of the subject of his adoration is especially fashionable and stylish. Some even start to “strain” the comparison and they deliberately choose opposite images . The same things often serve as a tool for practical jokes, “jokes” and deliberate creation of confusion (unless, of course, the external similarity persists).

Clothing for adult twins

The older they get, the more significant the differences. If they are happy in marriage, have strong families, then each individuality grows stronger, and they consciously dress differently - depending on their profession, lifestyle, social circle. In addition, someone is following the figure, and someone can gain weight, someone is carefully caring for himself, and someone has already waved his hand.

Therefore , over the years, the appearance of twins can change, and they become not so identical . Although there are examples where facial features, complexion, as well as the habit of being like each other in everything, including clothing, remain until the end of life.

Of course, dressing equally is not necessary . This ultimately depends on the twins themselves. However, the wisdom of parents in this matter also plays an important role. Their task is to teach their offspring to be themselves from childhood, to have their own opinions, to be able to make choices based on their own feelings and preferences.