Who invented socks

Socks are an integral part of our wardrobe. Woolen, made of camel wool, with the addition of bamboo - the choice is diverse. But, do you know who invented them?

Sock history

Initially, the ancestor of this underwear was intended exclusively for women. It was worn even by residents of Greek Hellas, using as home shoes. The leather toe looked like a modern boot without a sole.

Reference! These shoes were very comfortable, and soon men began to wear them. But only at home, because the ancient ancestors of socks were women's shoes! So they got to the theater, where in ancient Greece only men could perform on stage.

Greek merchants often traded with the Romans. So in Rome appeared homemade leather shoes called soccus (lat.)

Ancient leather long socks

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Great Migration of Peoples began. Multimillion crowds of Romans headed to different parts of the continent.

Ancient socks

There, where they came, the warlike peoples lived - Franks, Germans, etc. The shoes brought by the Romans came to their liking. Warriors began to put on them first, and then heavy hiking boots.

Time passed, and nations organized themselves in countries. The Latin word "sokk" was transformed into the familiar and well-known - sock. By the fourteenth century, they began to be knitted from cotton, increased in length and were excluded from the list of underwear. Long socks at the French and English courts were part of the outer clothing of not only the dukes and barons, but also kings!

In the 18th century, women began to wear stockings again. This happened thanks to Joan-Antoinette Poisson, a favorite of the French king Louis XV. After all, France was then the trendsetter for the whole world!

When the First World War began, men's trousers lengthened due to the presence of their owners at the front, and women's skirts, on the contrary, became shorter in order to save. In this regard, long stockings became the subject of a woman’s toilet, and men, long known to all, began to wear socks.

Reference! At the beginning of the last century, synthetics were not added to the composition of these products, socks were not pulled down due to ties, and later suspenders!

Modern products

Today you have the opportunity to come to the store and choose this thing for every taste and color!

Socks distinguish between:

Socks for sports

For the purpose of use:

  • on every day;
  • for business events;
  • for Sport;
  • for home.

Regular socks

By model:

  • regular (solid cut);
  • in the form of a glove (holes for all fingers);
  • in the form of mittens (hole only for the first finger).

Track Socks

By lenght:

  • traces;
  • at the ankle level;
  • at the knee level.

Lilac Women's Socks

By composition:

  • Woolen
  • cotton;
  • linen;
  • bamboo;
  • modal (viscose).

Socks Tips

Men are more likely than women to wear this wardrobe item. Therefore, they are able to either show the presence of style in a man, or play a cruel joke with him.

To look elegant, remember 3 simple rules:

  1. The color of socks should not differ from the color of pants and shoes .
  2. Give preference to such products that when sitting do not bare your leg .
  3. The main rule is the maximum use of natural materials (70–80%). Such a composition of the thing will not harm the legs and allow them to “breathe” and not sweat.

Reference! It is interesting that in modern Britain, men, wearing a strict suit of plain fabric, specially choose socks with a bright and original print. So the British want to draw attention to themselves, and show themselves real mods!

Even such trifles of a wardrobe as socks need to be approached responsibly. Choose the style, color, material you need and feel comfortable and confident!