Who does not go over the knee boots

The ideal time to wear over the knee boots is autumn. Of course, many girls manage to wear them almost all year round, but judging by fashion trends and rules, this can be called a bad manners. These long boots visually lend a silhouette. They are considered almost "omnivorous" in terms of clothing with which they can be worn. Yes, and there are a lot of models, colors, in our market.

Who to wear and who to ban

Unfortunately, they are not for everyone. In order to look fashionable and spectacular, and not funny, you need to consider some features of both the figure and the wardrobe. We will talk about them a little lower.

Build Features

Putting on over the knee boots, it is necessary to take into account some characteristics of your figure. For example, some people think that they are suitable exclusively for tall girls. In fact, they will look perfect on low women. But, here you need to look at the volume of the hips and lower legs. The smaller the difference, the better. But in general, these boots add height and slightly reduce weight.

For chubby girls, models with a heel are suitable. Their length should not be lower than the middle of the thigh. Do not choose bright or leopard colors. It is better if the boots are plain and discreet.

Tasteless style solutions

About what to wear boots, consider a little lower. The main thing is to ensure that they do not crush the legs. They should be comfortable and stand and sit. The softer the bootleg adjoins the leg, the more advantageous the look looks. If they have lacing, zipper, any rivets or fasteners, it is recommended to wear them with plain low-key outfits. But, not with everyone.

How not to look vulgar and ridiculous

When putting on over the knee boots, first of all forget about bodily tights. The resulting image will look too inviting, especially if you can not boast of even legs. Also, in no case do not wear these boots with tight dresses. If you choose a short tight-fitting dress, grow or comb your hair, vulgarly make up and throw a black leather jacket on top, you get the image of a girl of easy virtue or, as they say now, with low social responsibility. And also, forget about dresses or skirts reaching the knee. This decision will shorten even the longest legs.

In general, if you place accents in the image correctly, you will look just fine with over the knee boots. But, remember that one incorrectly selected part is enough, and everything will go down the drain.