Who came up with the trousers and why

Now, upholstery on jeans and pants of different styles can be found on every second man or woman. And if earlier such a fashionable trend could be met by young people, now people of different age categories and genders give their preference to gates. So, where did the fashion for tricks come from and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

History of upheavals

Twists met at different times, and the meaning in the tucking up of pants was different. The first "legislators" of this fashion were the Caribbean robbers. It was they who began to tuck their pants to emphasize their brutality and physical strength. Further, various youth movements and subcultures of the 20th century began to intercept fashion.

Rockers In the early 60s of the twentieth century, various rocker bands began to form in large cities in the UK and the USA. To our time, little has changed in their style: black leather jackets and ripped jeans complemented exactly the gaps over high boots. Another indispensable rocker attribute is a motorcycle or a moped. And the gates were needed just for convenience during the ride.

The next culture is punks. There were not much later rockers in the same UK and USA. The difference in style was the presence of bright colors in combination with black, as well as rivets, patches in the form of patches and, of course, twists. Unlike rockers, punks did more pronounced high twists.

Skinheads. The emergence of culture took place again in the UK, but by the 70s of the last century. Clothing and skinhead style are less vivid than previous youth movements, but they still stood out from the crowd. The skinhead’s traditional “outfit” is a plaid shirt, wide jeans, suspenders, work rough boots and upholstery. The tucked-up trousers, as skinhead leaders seemed at that time, visually increased the ankle. This added brutality and also stood out from the crowd.

Football Pull-ups were popular among football fans. Most of the matches ended in massive fights among fans. They tucked up their pants to indicate their willingness to fight. The fashion for gimmicks among fans quickly spread to different cities of Europe and America.

After the 80s, jeans upheavals departed from the currents of subcultures and did not have any specific meaning. Pulling up the pants reached the level of high fashion and was just an element of clothing that complements the image. It was simple and convenient.

Current fashion

According to some stylists and clothing designers, such a fashion did not come from the above historical facts, but from Milan. And the prerequisites for such a trend are quite simple - the city is quite hot, and there are many mods. Having been in Milan, the trend began to pick up by many other people who follow fashion.

Nowadays, more and more turns up are found on women and men, including 40+. The trend has become so popular that the pants covering the shoes have already become a bad manners inherent only to sluts, as well as the general laborer at a construction site. Therefore, followers of new trends always strictly adhere to the rule: there must be a distance between shoes and pants.

Reference. Manufacturers of clothes also take this factor into account and often jeans and even business pants go on sale with twists.

Most of all, people of short stature were happy about this trend. No more hemming pants that are longer than necessary! Yes, and in the fall or spring, this life hack can be used to hide the splashes after going on a humid street.

As for the shortcomings - they visually shorten the leg. Accordingly, people of short stature, they do not always go. And to emphasize long slender legs with such a fashion on the pants will not work.

How to make twists?

The tucked-up trousers are, first of all, a casual and light touch of negligence. They should not be too ideal. A few rules for making stylish twists:

  • The inner seam should be visible.
  • Turn height from 1 to 4 cm.
  • The turnaround begins after 0.5-1 cm, a larger distance is allowed only with wide pants.
  • Turns should be no more than 2-3, otherwise they will add extra volume to the pants.

Unfortunately, many continue to consider tucked-in pants to be an anti-trend, bad manners. But we must not forget that the most important thing in clothes is convenience and comfort.