Who are the aviator glasses for?

Aviator glasses appeared a long time ago as a kind of sunglasses. They are still in trend, and their popularity is only growing. This popularity is due to the fact that both women and men can wear them. And also this model is universal. However, there are several types of faces, and on each they will look different. We will figure out who they are suitable for and what are the features of this model.

Features aviator glasses ("droplets")

A characteristic feature of aviators are large lenses that hide most of the face. The lenses are wide at the edges, and closer to the bridge of the nose they are narrowed, therefore in shape they resemble droplets. After this model was invented, its shape remained virtually unchanged. Only the color and size of the lenses changed.

Another feature is that these glasses are suitable for any style of clothing: from classic to casual . Frames can be both metal and wooden, female and male models. Models made of plastic and using leather inserts are also popular.

Many designer houses produce such a model. One of the first to produce such glasses was Ray-Ban. It is they who still occupy a leading position in the market. Ray-Ban began to use durable thermoplastic material due to which, the glasses became much stronger .

Types and sizes of aviators

Aviator glasses can be divided into several types :


These glasses change color depending on the lighting. Moreover, they can be of a wide variety of shades: from light blue to dark cherry . Chameleon glasses look spectacular and are perfect for any situation. They will be comfortable both indoors and outdoors in bright light.

Mirror glasses

They have a special mirror coating, and this year have become a real trend. Design houses offer numerous shades of mirror lenses.

In mirrored aviator glasses, you can stand out from the crowd and make an indelible impression on others. Such glasses look especially advantageous in the ombre color.

Reference! The mirror effect is achieved by applying a thin layer of metal to the lens surface. Manufacturers use platinum, chrome or silver.


This innovation was invented specifically for mobile people. After all, they fit perfectly in the pocket of a shirt or jacket, as well as in a small clutch. The design of such glasses allows them to be easily bent and placed in a small case. This innovation has been enjoyed by many already.

Attention! The sizes of aviators can also be different: from small to substantially covering the upper part of the face. Therefore, lenses must be selected in accordance with the shape of the face.

Who should use aviator glasses?

Allocate a special classification of facial types. Let's take a closer look at who aviators are more suitable for:

Oval face

All types of frames are suitable for this type, not just aviators. The owner of this form will be able to wear both classic and complemented designs. In this case, it all depends on personal tastes and preferences.

Round face

The classic version of the frame on a round face will look inappropriate. It is better to give preference to angular lenses. Thanks to them, a round face visually reduces its shape and narrows slightly . With this single form, the classic will look out of place. It is more correct to make your choice in favor of accessories with angular glasses, as they visually reduce the rounded features.


The frame of this accessory will visually soften the sharp and angular features of such a face. Large classic frames, preferably bright or dark shades, are perfect . Light and skin tones can merge. Better to focus on brightness.

Important! The frame for a square type of face does not have to be very massive. Better to focus on rounded lenses.


Aviators are certainly perfect for this type of face. After all, a rounded frame allows you to smooth out sharp features . In addition, thanks to the voluminous top of the accessory, excessive elongation of the face will be hidden.


Aviators will help make the features softer and more correct. This is a rather rare form with a slightly elongated or elongated chin. Therefore, it is better to contrast the bright accessory .

Advice! For the heart-shaped face, fine darlings are excellent. At this point, you need to pay attention when choosing glasses.

Inverted triangle

Thanks to the massive top and harmonious bottom, such a frame will hide a narrow forehead and a massive chin.

Attention! For a triangular face, mirrored glasses in a thin metal frame are better suited . This model will make any face of this shape more attractive.


Such a face looks like a diamond. The chin is narrow and even pointed. And the widest area is the cheekbones. Thanks to aviators, you can adjust this shape of the face . They will be able to visually smooth out the wide cheekbones, and also add volume to the upper part. "Rhombuses" must necessarily increase the upper part to create harmony.

Aviator glasses go to almost everyone . In addition to the main traditional model, new ones are created. The demand for glasses encourages designers to come up with interesting options for shades of frames and lenses, to experiment with materials. Thus, ordinary droplet glasses have many variations and will always be relevant. We hope this article will help you navigate the variety of models of this accessory.