White jeans: what to wear after 50

An elegant 50+ lady in jeans? Yes, and in white? Exactly! After all, it looks great. It also means that a woman definitely has a sense of taste and style.

Jeans are associated with youth, activity, sexuality. Therefore, a woman of any age in jeans will look younger than her age . And in white - even more so. After all, this color is always refreshing and rejuvenating . The main thing is to choose the right style of jeans, skillfully combine them with other things of the wardrobe and place accents with the right accessories. We will tell you how to do it.

Creating color harmony

White is a real expanse for creative imagination . This color can be combined with almost any shade. Therefore, there will be no problems in choosing the top for a set with white jeans .

White: bottom and top

White does not happen much, especially in the summer. The image will be elegant and positive. White shirt, blouse, cotton cardigan are good options for the top.

Important! Try to avoid explicitly sports T-shirts and T-shirts, they will reduce the cost of the image and make it too simple. But bright shoes and accessories will accentuate and add color.

With black

A classic of the genre, it looks spectacular and stylish. You can create a layered image from a black t-shirt or shirt and a black jacket . Add calm accessories and shoes to prevent the kit from becoming flashy.

Pastel top

Incredibly gentle and feminine combination . Light pink, mint, beige, peach, pale greens, pale blue. These shades will add romance and freshness to the image . But this is exactly what you want so much when you are no longer twenty!

White + gray

Do not worry, you will not look like a gray mouse! Gray color looks very noble in combination with white . Especially if the fabric is of high quality, and not some cheap synthetics there.

Bright top

For emotional and passionate natures . Bright red and orange, sunny yellow and deep blue, emerald green and juicy fuchsia. Illuminate others with the brightness of color and splash your emotions out.

Advice! Only neon colors should be avoided, leave them to teens.

White + print

Simple and intricate, plain and multicolor - such prints will add meaning and complexity to the image .

And don't be afraid to overdo it: the white bottom will cool the fervor of the craziest print and balance the kit.

Successful combinations for different situations

In white jeans you can, as they say, in a feast, and in the world. They look appropriate both for a walk, and for an evening party, and even in the office (in the absence of a hard dress code, of course).

For a walk in the park

We choose convenient things: loose shirts, low-heeled shoes, sneakers or ballet shoes, a small bag over your shoulder or a backpack. Stylish sunglasses and jewelry will make the image fashionable and modern.

Put a light coat or elongated cardigan on your shoulders, tie a scarf. They will not only warm in cool weather, but also add coziness and comfort to the look.

For office work

We combine white jeans with closed blouses made of non-transparent fabric . An extended jacket will add rigor to the image, as well as skillfully hide the extra volume on the hips.

Classic boats and a strict bag will not allow the image to turn into a street or sports one.

On the evening party

White jeans will look great here. You definitely will not merge with the crowd. Bright colors and catchy accessories will come in handy here . Fashionable open sandals, a stylish clutch, an expensive belt, status jewelry or worthy jewelry - you are magnificent!

Do not be afraid to wear white jeans! Even if you are already over 50, you will look stylish and modern in any situation . Choose the right upper, shoes and accessories. Add colors and shapes. And be irresistible!