Which towel better absorbs water after a shower?

The main quality of a bath towel is its ability to absorb moisture.

Qualitatively, not every product can cope with this task. How to choose a good-quality bath towel so that it combines both the good absorbency of the material, and the softness and pleasure of touching?

Which towel will absorb moisture well after a shower?

The ability to quickly and gently remove moisture from the body without irritating factors depends on the type of yarn and the way weaves are woven. The main offers of the modern market of bath hygroscopic towels are terry cotton products made from bamboo fabric and microfiber.

1. Cotton. Cotton products proved to be excellent. They perfectly remove moisture from the body, have a soft structure, do not provoke skin irritation and allergic reactions, and also do not electrify. The quality of textiles is different, but on average any cotton product can withstand up to 500 washes. An ideal cotton terry cloth for towels is considered with a loop length of 5 mm. A long pile looks attractive only on the counter: after the start of use and washing, the fibers will curl and the product will become untidy. The ability to absorb water also depends on the density of the cotton material : the more it is, the more moisture the towel absorbs. Too dense material dries for a long time, which is often considered a minus of the product. The way the pile is twisted also affects hygroscopicity : single strings, thinner and softer, and double torsion are on sale. The latter are not so tender, but they better remove water.

After normal washing, towels made of cotton often become stiff. Therefore, it is better to use special products during washing.

2. Bamboo. Bamboo bath products have only recently come to homes and are in increasing demand. This material is delicate and soft, has an average density and removes moisture well. Towels have high antimicrobial criteria and are suitable for people with allergies, they also do not absorb extraneous odors and are durable.

3. Microfiber. All microfiber bath products are gentle and have good hygroscopicity. This quality of microfiber products was appreciated by lovers of saunas and trips to the pool. The only drawback of microfiber is the rapid loss of an attractive appearance.

How to choose a bath towel so that it absorbs moisture?

To use a soft and natural towel, you should get acquainted with its main characteristics. To do this, you need to know how the material of the products behaves when in contact with water, and also pay attention to the pile and density, and to criteria such as softness, speed of drying.

Specialty stores offer several types of absorbent towels, some of which combine not only functionality, but style and attractiveness. The other part is only functional in nature.

When a towel is new and only used for the first time, it often absorbs moisture very poorly and rather repels it. This happens because the production coating remains on the textile, which is very easy to get rid of: the towel must be washed in hot water.

If in doubt about choosing a product, carefully examine its label. It is believed that the highest quality and most suitable material for towels is Egyptian and Pakistani cotton.

The bathroom should not only have bath towels of high quality, but also small items for the face, hands and feet. Manufacturers strive to please their customers, so you can choose a natural towel with good absorbent properties even under the light of the bathroom.