Which suitcase is better: plastic or fabric

The most popular and used suitcases are plastic and fabric. Choosing the best and most suitable one is a guarantee of the safety of luggage on a trip or business trip. And also comfort depends on it.

But there is still no consensus among users about which products are the best. Each follows his needs and habits.

So what to look for in order to find the perfect thing for yourself? You need to find out the features, advantages and disadvantages of each type. And taking these parameters into account, make a purchase.

Plastic case

Traditionally, suitcases are made from modern plastics: polypropylene, polycarbonate.


  • Due to the stiffness of the material, things in such baggage are not deformed and will be delivered to the place in the same form in which they were packed . In the case of long trips with many transfers, when you can not avoid the stampede and careless handling of things in the luggage compartment, this will be on hand.
  • The plastic surface is easy to clean. It is enough to wipe it with a sponge with detergent or rub it with a brush in case of severe contamination.
  • Plastic can be not only absolutely any color and shade, but also allows the use of various patterns .

Important! In addition to style and originality, this gives an additional plus in the form of saving time on searching for your suitcase after unloading the luggage compartment.

  • Many people put up luggage with stickers and stickers with the sights of the cities where they were. With plastic, they are easier to remove, if desired.
  • Due to the design features, during transportation, the weight is concentrated on the body, and not on the hand holding it. This is especially true for long walks.
  • Such products are strong and durable. And if necessary, their surface is cushioned, protecting valuable items inside.
  • Plastic suitcases are made for both adults and children. Therefore, it is very easy to choose the right one in terms of volume, color, and other parameters.


  • Cost . Plastic suitcases are significantly more expensive than fabric ones .
  • Weight . Plastic options weigh more than fabric options. This can be a problem with weight control at the airport and will cause discomfort when moving.
  • The plastic is easy to scratch, and travel scratches cannot be avoided. Therefore, as new, such a bag will stop looking after a couple of trips.
  • Strong shock may cause the plastic case to burst .
  • The volume of the plastic model cannot be changed in any way . If he is completely clogged, then by no miracle, even an extra T-shirt can be pushed inside.
  • In shape, such models remain traditionally rectangular. No company offers other options, and changing it yourself is impossible.

Fabric suitcase

Manufacturers suggest choosing a bag with a wide variety of surfaces. Fabric products are made of tarpaulin, polyester, and also use eco leather.


  • Low cost It can be only half the cost of a similar plastic model of the same size.
  • The smallest weight relative to the plastic version, ceteris paribus.
  • Water resistant . Special fabrics and impregnations do not allow the contents of the suitcase to get wet even with the most heavy rain.
  • Thanks to the soft body, you can slightly increase the capacity of such a suitcase by stretching the walls a little.
  • Most fabric models have additional external pockets . They are convenient for storing documents, water bottles, a camera and other small things that are best kept at hand.
  • Patterns of fabric suitcases are diverse. There are various formats: from large bags to ordinary rectangles on wheels. In this case, various in shape products are produced.


  • Getting rid of stains on such a thing is quite difficult . Either you have to spend a lot of time and effort, or solve the problem using dry cleaning. Even brushing off road dust upon returning home will not be so easy.
  • Soft walls cannot protect fragile items inside if the case is hit by drops . This should be considered when packing luggage.
  • Another problem arises from the softness of the walls. You cannot sit on such a suitcase if there is something fragile inside. In the case of long lines and long expectations, this can create significant inconvenience.
  • Vulnerability to theft. Thieves can easily and silently cut the fabric and pull out something of value or just ruin the bag while traveling.

Additional selection options

Size plays a role depending on whether its owner plans to use the luggage compartment.

If not, and the minimum amount of necessary things is required, then it is better to buy a compact model. For a family trip, larger options are suitable.

For those who care about weight, fabric models are definitely suitable. Because even an empty plastic suitcase weighs a lot.

In details like zippers and pockets, fabric models win . After all, only one is equipped with such useful trifles.

IMPORTANT! Combination locks are often more harmful than useful. Thieves primarily pay attention to just such suitcases, and finding the code for them is not difficult.

If the owner forgets the password, there will be many problems with opening.

Wheels and handles . It is better to have both. A four-wheeled suitcase is much easier to carry than a two-wheeled one. Handles in different places allow you to intercept and carry the load as it is convenient in a particular situation.

What to give preference to

So which suitcase is better to choose? It depends on the needs and budget of its owner.

If you pay attention to the owners of the suitcases, you can see statistics on preferences. And also pay attention to the reviews.

  • First, plastic models are often taken by businessmen or other people who often make business trips . Textiles are usually preferred by tourists .
  • Secondly, fabric suitcases fell in love with women who find it more difficult to cope with heavy loads . And the amount of their things during the trip usually exceeds the male minimum.
  • During family trips, it is women who most often give children drinks, sunscreen and other little things that are convenient to store in an external pocket.
  • Men are less likely to be embarrassed by the large weight of the suitcase, so they often acquire plastic models. Simplicity in cleaning also plays a role here.

Nevertheless, the choice of a plastic or fabric suitcase does not depend on the type of human activity. And especially not from his gender, but from his needs and habits.

Reliability is important to one, and ease and bottomlessness to others. Some take care of the cleanliness of their belongings, but do not have too much time to thoroughly clean their suitcases. Others are indifferent to this point.

Thus, the ratio of advantages and disadvantages of both species is approximately equal. But different people pay attention only to relevant points. It is important to remember that the functionality of a suitcase is always more important than its appearance, so the color should not play a major role in the selection.