Which of the stars pulls his forms underwear?

Many women have a secret that they carefully hide under clothing. A couple of extra centimeters in the waist or hips helps them hide tightening underwear. It works real miracles with our figures, therefore it is not surprising that even world stars use it . Unfortunately, sometimes embarrassment occurs when under the lenses of cameras not only a figure in a beautiful dress, but also “secret” lingerie underneath. Today we will find out which celebrity wears shapewear.

Celebrities who “caught” on wearing underwear

Some famous girls did not want their “female gadgets” to be made public, and some were not at all embarrassed and told themselves in an interview that they did not neglect dragging underwear if necessary. Who are these secular divas - read on.


Beauty Beyoncé more than once “sparkled” at concerts and carpet paths with stretching shorts. It’s one thing to put them on under a long tight dress, quite another on short skirts of fringe or feathers. Everyone knows that incendiary dances during a performance are Beyoncé's calling card. This is how the public has learned that the singer often emphasizes magnificent forms with corrective underwear .

Jennifer Lopez

The talented singer and actress Jay Law has no less magnificent forms, which she always skillfully presents. However, a combination of tightening underwear and a mega short dress is not the best option. This is what Jennifer showed us during her active dances on stage.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron was not going to reveal to her fans her female "secret", but the paparazzi did everything for her. The network got footage from the set of the film "Another Woman", where the girl played. She and her partner became so accustomed to the role of lovers that he inadvertently lifted up the hem of Diaz's dress, showing everyone the beautiful tight-fitting shorts of the actress. It was awkward.

Kim Kardashian

One of the stars of our time, Kim Kardashian, chooses ultra narrow dresses and suits for almost every appearance. She herself admitted in an interview that without compression shorts, it is practically impossible to fit such magnificent volumes into a new outfit . Why, there, once a girl glued her chest with paper tape so that the deep neckline was her size. What is not an alternative to an expensive corset?

Kylie Jenner

Kim's sister, Kylie, despite her young age, also does not neglect comfortable shorts. The girl leads a sporty lifestyle, but she prefers to wear an “assistant” under a tight dress. Once photographers caught Kylie with her boyfriend (rapper Taiga) on a romantic date. Here's the misfortune: while the girl got out of the luxury car, the ubiquitous paparazzi caught her on a little trick.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The star of “Sex and the City” several times fell into the lenses of photographers in a bad light: ridiculous trousers appeared under a flying skirt. In fact, these were corrective shorts, but why are they needed by an already thin celebrity?

Jennifer garner

The actress Jennifer Garner “advertised” the tight-fitting lingerie well. She did it right on the carpet when she accidentally touched the hem of a short dress with her handbag. The smell was revealed, and in front of everyone appeared funny shorts.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is one of the first women to publicly recognize the benefits and practicality of seamless corrective underwear . When the American entrepreneur Sarah Blakely first invented tightening shorts (she simply cut off the nylon tights and put them on under her dress) and subsequently registered Spanx, the famous TV presenter on one of the broadcasts spoke about the new miracle lingerie.

It was after this that Sarah had a lot of clients around the world, among whom there were many Hollywood stars. Later, Oprah Winfrey said more than once that corrective underwear was a real salvation for her.


The prominent English singer Adele does not hide that she does not like to exhaust herself with diets, therefore she has quite magnificent forms. The stylist of the performer Gael Paul once mentioned that under the chic evening dresses, Adele always wears a pull-out kit to make her figure look much more attractive. In particular, the singer loves the above-mentioned company Spanx.

Jessica Alba

The beautiful Jessica Alba also sometimes puts on a corrective corset, despite her thinness. The girl in an interview said that only thanks to him she was able to get into the extremely tight overalls from the Fantastic Four.

As you can see, the stars from glossy covers and red carpets are far from ideal, and very often resort to the same tricks as ordinary women. Therefore, you should not be shy of your figure - it is important to maintain it with physical activity and proper nutrition, but no one sometimes prohibits the use of tightening clothes.