Which side should be the belt buckle for men?

It is difficult to imagine a complete male image without a belt. After all, this is not only a very convenient thing in the wardrobe, but also a design solution to give the appearance a special zest.

How to wear a men's belt?

Stylists distinguish three types of men's belts:

1. The most popular among modern men is the classical form . This belt can easily be combined with all the things in the wardrobe, without really thinking about the little things. Accordingly, you need to wear it with a classic suit, office trousers and a shirt . To choose the right accessory, you need to know the width acceptable by the rules of etiquette. In classic trousers, a belt with a width of 3 to 3.5 cm is allowed . Large width will be considered bad form in a decent society.

2. Informal style implies complete freedom of imagination. Such a belt can become the main accent in ordinary everyday bow . It can be of any length, width and stand out with a buckle of any design.

3. The third type includes sports belts . Its feature is that it is necessarily covered with clothes . Such belts are usually plain in design, but often irreplaceable in the image. It is very convenient to wear such an accessory with casual pants and a T-shirt.

Interesting! Whatever accessory a man chooses for himself, you need to remember one very simple, but at the same time important rule. The material of the belt must necessarily match the color and texture of the shoes. And at the request of a man, also with a watch strap.

If you dress according to this small tip, then any look will immediately look expensive and stylish.

How to fasten?

A classic men's belt consists of a long flap of leather with a series of holes at one end. At the other end is a metal anchor and buckle.

Important! According to the rules of etiquette, the belt must be fastened on the third hole, counting from the buckle.

Of course, it’s quite difficult to immediately choose the optimal length of the accessory in the store. Especially if the man is the owner of an atypical figure. In this case, this thing should be definitely shortened to the optimum size. Otherwise, if you fasten it on any other hole in a row, in a well-educated society it will also be taken for a bad taste.

Interesting! According to the rules of etiquette in a business style, the buckle must be rectangular in shape. The anchor is made rounded and smoothed specifically so as not to accidentally ruin the point or shirt of other clothes.

Which side should the buckle be on?

The belt must be threaded into the trousers so that the buckle is on the left side, and the tail with holes for fastening is placed at the right hand. The buckle should be located exactly in the middle of the body, not shifting to the sides.

Important! Belts for women should be fastened in the opposite direction.

In men's circles there is even a little joke. If you do not know how to fasten your clothes, then look at the girl, and do the opposite.

But in everyday style there are no strict rules regarding the size or proper position of the belt. The buckle can be of any shape, and you can place it both on the left and on the right .

Important! The material of the belt should be echoed with the shoes, this is undeniable absolutely in any style of clothing.

What is the best way to shorten the belt?

Etiquette rules indicate that the men's belt is the highlight of the image and can tell a lot about its owner . In order not to fall in the eyes of those around you, you should remember the rule of fastening to the third hole in a row. If for some reason this accessory is too big, you just need to shorten it to a suitable size.

At first, a fitting is done, and then the place of the proposed placement of the buckle is marked . After which it is carefully unscrewed from the skin, and the belt is cut at the desired distance from the tail. Use sharp scissors to make the cut neat and even. In the new place of fastening the buckle with the help of a hot awl, a small hole is made and the mount is screwed into it . Now the belt is ready to go out. And no one dares to accuse a man of bad manners and neglect of the rules of etiquette in society.

A man should be responsible in choosing this important accessory while still in the store. This is especially true for the quality of the material . The higher it is, the longer the new thing will delight with its presentable appearance of the owner.

At first it may seem that too many rules need to be followed when putting on and fastening a regular belt. But adhering to etiquette, a man can always look stylish, courageous and well-mannered. And such an approach will definitely please the ladies around him and will surely win the hearts of even the most demanding of them.