In which scarf is it not appropriate to go to church for Easter

Few women know that it is customary to go to church not just in a headdress, but in a scarf of a certain color corresponding to the event .

A scarf is considered an integral part of a woman’s outfit for going to the temple. Naturally, no one will drive the woman out of their church unless the color of her headdress is matched with the festive service. If a girl is decently dressed and covered her head, this is quite enough. True believers, however, must adhere to traditions and canons.

Which scarf should not be worn

Easter is a great holiday for all Christians. On this day, women put on their most elegant dresses and scarves. At the same time, each festive event was marked by the special color of the headgear.

There is even a certain memo, following which the girl will not be mistaken with the choice of color.

Reminder for choosing the shade of a hat for women

To put off the accessory, which should not be worn on Easter Sunday, we offer a detailed memo.

  • White The snow-white cloth is worn only on the occasion of the great Christian holidays, Easter just refers to this .
  • Red It will be required for all subsequent Easter services .
  • Yellow . Put on ordinary Sunday services.
  • Green. Mostly used for service on Palm Sunday and the Trinity .
  • Blue. Suitable for worship on the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary .
  • Violet . At the commemoration of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord .
  • Black On mourning days and fasting .
  • Burgundy and scarlet . Good Thursday .
  • With a print, in a flower. Designed for "dirty work" for women helping in the temple.

Important! Women who do not attend regularly all services in the temple will be satisfied with two types of headgear. Light is suitable for all celebratory church events, and dark is suitable for fasting days and mourning.

Even if a woman puts a black shawl on service on the occasion of the holiday, no one will expel her from the temple. But this will violate the overall picture of the celebration and put the girl in a bad light. The color of the headdress is still better to consider in advance in choosing your outfit.

What handkerchiefs are best for visiting the temple on Easter

The choice of scarf for Easter worship depends entirely on the woman herself. But still, you need to adhere to certain rules and not anger others with your pretentious or frankly indecent appearance.

Not suitable for Bright Sunday

To do this, you need to exclude from the wardrobe for the temple paintings with geometric patterns or fashionable prints, as well as dubious symbols in the form of crosses, skulls and the like . It is worth putting aside scarves of dark color, as well as green, which are worn on completely different days.

Can wear

It is better to give preference to a light and weightless scarf, which can be successfully draped so that it does not slip from the hair. This will allow you to plunge into a festive atmosphere, without being distracted by such trifles in the form of a constant return of the scarf to its former place.

Most worshipers say that for such a great holiday as Easter, only a plain white shawl is suitable . It most closely matches the solemn atmosphere of the event.