On which hand to wear a bracelet

A bracelet is a favorite decoration of both women and men. He does not know the age limit, suitable for both young and old people. Thin and massive, graceful and brutal jewelry made from a variety of materials. Due to their diversity, each of us has the opportunity to choose an individual option for each created image. The jewelry chosen with taste will perfectly complement the image, serving as its highlight. Thinking through it to the smallest detail, women more than once thought. Is there a rule on which hand to wear the bracelet?

Why the right hand became the main

Most often, this jewelry is worn on the right hand. And many people think that only this option is right.

Oriented by the clock?

In fact, such a rule appeared only in the early years of the twentieth century, when wrist watches became widespread. It was based solely on a practical approach .

Everyone knows the fact that most of the inhabitants of our planet are right-handed. That is why, for convenience, people wear a watch on their left hand. Wearing several jewelry on one hand is a sign of bad taste. From here the custom was born to wear a bracelet on the right wrist, free from watches .

Important! Changeable fashion makes its own adjustments to established rules. Nowadays, watches and bracelets (even several!) On one hand are perceived not as bad taste, but as a fashion brand!

To draw attention

There is another reason - to emphasize the elegance of the hand and the femininity of its owner .

In everyday life, we women carry handbags in our right hands. Accordingly, this hand is more visible. This means that her beauty, emphasized by decoration, will not go unnoticed.

What affects the choice of the left hand

Of course, there are always those who, for whatever reason, do not follow the rules. There are also reasons for this.

Individual characteristics

Here we will talk, of course, about left-handed people. After all, these people have exactly the opposite. They wear a watch on their right, and a bracelet, respectively, on their left hand . And in such a feature there is nothing shameful, on the contrary, it is even very attractive.

Important! The rule, which should be known to all representatives of the weaker sex, states: owners of chubby pens can only afford thin bracelets.

Combination options with other jewelry

Absolutely exactly how much the world will stand, how many women in it will wear rings. So, putting on a bracelet, it is worth choosing jewelry in such a way that they look harmoniously with each other.

  • To prevent jewelry from getting lost against each other's background, it is better to wear them in different hands. A large ring should be worn on the finger of the left hand, and the bracelet on the right.
  • There is another option - to choose jewelry so that they blend beautifully and complement each other. If the items are not too massive, they can also be worn on one arm . In this case, the bracelet will be appropriate on the left hand.

Important! Another very popular trend today is a pile of bracelets - laying them on top of each other.

In this case, the main thing is to decide what should connect this whole “company” with each other. Jewelry should be connected on one basic basis.


When going to an important event, you should remember that the bracelet should be in tone with a dress, handbag or shoes . In the case when a girl wants to emphasize her femininity, you do not need to hang numerous colorful ornaments on yourself. Just a chain bracelet is enough to suit any outfit. Including - sports style, walking alongside or an elegant image.