On which hand do men chain?

A popular jewelry for men is a stylish bracelet. His style can be anything: in gold or silver (classic), from fabric, leather, as well as wicker. A chain on a man’s hand will emphasize the status of the owner or his eccentricity. Modern fashion does not limit the types of bracelets, everyone can choose an accessory for their personal taste. Someone does not think about the hand, where to wear the bracelet, then the rules of etiquette are important to others. Consider, if at all, the rules and traditions of wearing chains on a male hand.

Male image and bracelets (chain)

A bracelet can create a brutal and attractive image of a strong man, complementing it with stylish touches:

  • Jewelry made of gold and platinum will tell about the financial independence of the owner and high status.

  • Men 's silver chains look good both on a respectable man and on a young guy. Especially, who do not seek to demonstrate their status.

  • Thin weaving chains will create a contrasting effect with a strong male hand, which will attract attention to appreciate the taste and style of the product owner.

  • For representatives of the stronger sex, etiquette does not prohibit wearing massive wide weaving chains, but the combination of an accessory to your image should be considered.

Important! To emphasize good taste, according to etiquette, it’s best to choose men's jewelry of high quality, but simple in execution.

A combination of a bracelet (chain on a hand) and a watch

Even in the age of nanotechnology, watches have not lost their relevance. On the contrary, they have become more high-quality, stylish and expensive. A watch is a style, indicator of taste and social status. But you should know the correct combination of a bracelet on your hand with a watch.

Almost everyone has a more active right hand, so the watch is more practical and more convenient to wear on the left . So nothing will interfere with work and other activities. But for some men it is more convenient for various reasons to wear a bracelet on their right hand, it depends on excellent preferences and habits.

Left-handed people wear a watch on their right hand.

Important! Alternative medicine also recommends that you use an electronic watch on your right hand if there is a heart problem.

If you wear 2 accessories on 1 hand, then they should fit well . For example, for massive watches it is better to choose a thin, elegant chain.

Important! In the trend, watches on thin hippie-style leather straps and similar bracelets.

Bold and bold designers offer to experiment with different styles, now original solutions are in fashion.

What man to wear a bracelet on?

Some consider a bracelet - an excess for the man. Designers claim that, on the contrary, it will decorate the masculine image, add style and elegance.

It is necessary to correctly combine a men's bracelet with clothes. There are etiquette rules that dictate on which hand men wear bracelets . It is necessary to take into account the situation, the metal (material) of the bracelet and the presence of other accessories.

Etiquette Rules for Men's Bracelets

One of the oldest jewelry for men is bracelets (wrists). Initially, they guarded the warriors. Metal plates protected from the blows of the sword, they were always worn on two hands.

Sacred and protective functions

Over time, the protection functions disappeared, and the accessory remained only for status, an indicator of well-being, wealth of the owner and beauty.

Sometimes bracelets were instead of wedding rings.

Important! In the modern world, there are no clear rules for prohibitions on how to wear men's bracelets. Only one etiquette rule remains - jewelry made of various metals (materials) cannot be worn on one hand, especially if they contradict the style. Must be the same: metals, materials or color in a single style.

It is also undesirable to wear a watch and a chain on one hand, but fashion does not prohibit it.

Which hand should I wear?

There are no strict rules, but there are traditions and various recommendations.

Feng Shui

Ancient Chinese science recommends that men wear jewelry on their left hands . If there are beads on the product, it is advisable that it be on the pulse.

Important! The sages of China noticed that by activating the pulse point, you can attract good luck in your life if the ball is on the inside of the wrist.

Gold and silver bracelets (chains)

Too expensive accessory made of gold (titanium or platinum) should not stand out sharply from the image, this is considered a bad taste . He is perfect for a business suit, but it is better to take it off when wearing shorts, sportswear and other informal clothes, since there will be a mixture of opposing styles.

An example of bad taste and mixing styles

Gold or silver bracelets should be worn on the hand where there are no watches . This is not only more beautiful, but also more practical, because the chain on the hand will cling to the clock and interfere. This can lead to scratches or damage, it is easy to lose your favorite accessory.

If a man on his right hand will wear a gold wedding ring, it is better to put a silver product on his left hand.

Copper bracelets

Since ancient times, copper has been used to treat and prevent various diseases. The beneficial effect is seen when wearing it on the right hand . So the active points located on it will help relieve headaches, will enhance immunity, ease depression and “ chronic fatigue ”.

Experts recommend putting a bracelet made of copper on the left hand to reduce hypertension, recommended for tachycardia (heart palpitations), as well as heart failure .

On any arm, copper accelerates metabolism, enhances bone strength, and has antibacterial properties.

Good taste rules

There should always be no busting when you want to wear a watch with a bracelet and other jewelry at the same time. For example, a large men's ring with a massive watch and a chain on 1 arm will look tasteless. If you want to wear all 3 jewelry, separate them in different hands.

If you wear several chains on your hand at the same time, they should be in the same style.

Important! Mixing styles in jewelry is a sign of bad taste. This is completely inappropriate, as is the case with clothing. The whole image should be in a single style.

For example, sports leather, rubber men's bracelets with rivets or spikes will not look at all with a classic suit. Also, for sportswear should not wear a massive jewelry made of gold.

Too many jewelry on one hand.

A watch and a chain on a hand should always be beautifully harmoniously combined with each other and be in the same style. A classic gold watch made of either silver will look ridiculous with plastic chains on a male strong hand. Similarly, elegant gold accessories do not fit with sweatpants or shorts.


Gold and silver chains should not be combined ; everything should be in the same style. Products from other materials are well combined if you like risk and experimentation.

Woven or fabric bracelets are more often chosen by creative people, emotional romantics, loving surprises.

Important! The main thing is a sense of proportion so that your image looks harmonious and appropriate in a certain situation.

The recommendations of stylists will always help to look not only fashionable, but also appropriate in various situations.