On which finger are the engagement ring worn?

Going to make an offer of marriage to a beloved girl, a real romantic will turn the engagement into a memorable and romantic ceremony. Mandatory attributes of the action will be flowers, heart-shaped balloons and, of course, the engagement ring.

The legend of the rules of wearing an engagement ring

The custom of exchanging rings as symbols of love and devotion was known even in Ancient Egypt. Even then, 5 thousand years ago, when pronouncing wedding vows, men and women put gold or silver jewelry on each other's ring fingers.

Important! The round shape of the decoration symbolized the infinity of family happiness and the hole through which it was worn on the finger played the role of a kind of connecting portal between two people.

The custom to give jewelry on the day of engagement was formed much later. The very concept of this process implies the transition of a girl from the status of a lady of the heart to the title of a future wife. Even if the couple had previously lived several years under one roof and had a common life and sometimes common children, only the engagement makes the conditional spouse a legal bride.

Important! Only the bride can have an engagement ring, while both spouses wear engagement rings.

Men intending to marry presented beloved women with gold rings adorned with precious stones, and those who were not opposed accepted the gift. In case of refusal, the decoration remained with its owner.

Important! On the territory of Russia, the tradition of giving rings on the day of the proposal came recently from Europe. For the most part, it is a tribute to fashion and does not carry any sacred meaning in itself.

On which hand are the engagement ring worn?

On which hand you need to wear a jewelry presented in honor of the engagement is a big question for most of their lucky owners. It all depends on the nationality and religion of the bride and groom. So, in Germany, the engagement ring for girls is put on the right hand, the engagement ring, on the contrary - on the left.

In Poland and most Slavic countries, the rings that made the proposal are usually worn in the same place as the engagement rings - on the right. Most Slavs profess the Christian faith, in which it is believed that it is behind the right shoulder of each person who has a leading and preserving Guardian Angel throughout his life. Everything on the left can be connected with the unclean and his servants (why it is customary to spit over the left shoulder).

Important! On the left hand, engagement and engagement rings are worn by Christians divorced and buried their spouse.

On which finger are the engagement ring worn?

The finger on which engagement and engagement rings are worn was chosen by chance, and the Ancient Egyptians were again involved in this. Having achieved unprecedented success in the study of human anatomy, they knew that from the heart down the arm there is a large heart vein, the branching of which ended just in the ring finger. Putting a wedding ring on it, people believed that in doing so they made a husband or wife closer to their heart.

Interesting! Jews, as the finger indicating the married status of a woman, choose the middle one on the right hand. Men do not wear such accessories.

The choice of a finger, as well as a hand, depends on the nationality and religion of the bride. However, sometimes adjustments can be made by the groom’s ignorance of size, and the bride is forced to wear the jewelry on the finger to which it fits.

After the wedding: how to wear an engagement ring after marriage?

Whether or not to wear a ring presented for engagement depends on the wishes of its owner. There are no reasons forcing a woman who has become a lawful wife to hide a memorable and symbolic gift in a casket. What to do with the decoration:

  • Store and inherit. It is quite possible to make a relic out of it, which at a certain moment can be passed on to children with a mandate to continue the tradition already at their grandchildren and so on. The disadvantage of this option is that it will be kept beautiful and precious all the time in a dark box.
  • To wear with the “wedding band”. This option is suitable for couples who will discuss the design of both rings in advance. It is best to buy such a pair in one place at once, or to make a jeweler to order. Otherwise, it will be difficult to achieve an aesthetic appearance and combination of styles.
  • The first is on the left, the second is on the right. Presented to the engagement party and put on the ring on the ring finger of the right hand, before the ceremony, you can change clothes on the other hand yourself or ask the groom to do this a couple of days before the celebration.
  • Wear on index or middle. This option will especially appeal to girls whose men have missed with size. It is known that the ring finger is much thinner than the index and middle. Therefore, if the decoration is large, it will sit on them like a poured one.
  • Wear as a pendant or pendant. Some girls wear an unsuitable size or become fashionable, but continue to be a memorable engagement ring on a bracelet or chain. It is best to use smooth products without gems and complex designs, as they can scratch the skin or deteriorate as a result of careless handling.

One of the most cardinal ways to use engagement rings is to melt them in order to create another decoration. Often women who become mothers give rings that the husband gave them on the day of engagement for alteration, so that they can be made into small earrings or a chain pendant for a daughter or son.

What will happen if you remove the engagement ring before the wedding

This issue can be considered from several sides: traditional, superstitious and practical. Consider each:

  1. Tribute to tradition. According to custom, an engagement ring was put on a finger, the girl had to take off, only in case of refusal to accept the proposal of marriage. This could be done immediately or after some time. Especially sad for the groom was the return of the gift before the ceremony itself.
  2. Superstitious fear. Engagement and engagement rings have many hopes, and many opportunities are attributed. Thus, endowed with the power of love of two people, they can protect the family from the evil eye and damage, envy and bad thoughts of others. The rings consecrated in the church with a wedding ceremony could not be removed and given to anyone to try on. Filmed, it could bring a couple of quarrels and partings, even if they did not think about it.
  3. Practical convenience. For many girls, the constant wearing of any jewelry on the body brings tangible discomfort, and they remove them at night or upon returning home. Such a need can spread to both the engagement party and the “married” ring. Will this entail any negative consequences? It all depends on the girl and what she believes in and the groom, who must correctly understand the absence of a gift in its place.

Important! Sometimes girls are forced to stop wearing jewelry due to health problems. Edema, irritation, and other dermatological problems can cause the ring to be removed both temporarily and permanently. Very often, pregnant women are faced with an unpleasant phenomenon, when previously suitable jewelry begins to irritate and even corrode the skin underneath.

Engagement Ring Recommendations

This section is intended for men who decide to please their beloved with a beautiful ceremony and a memorable gift. It is necessary to approach the choice of the latter with all responsibility because it depends on how the engagement ring will look, its further fate and the girl’s answer. When buying a ring you need to consider:

  1. Its size. In order for the decoration not to get lost and not to clasp too tightly, it should fit in size. Find out the volume of the ring finger of the girl so that she did not guess why this information is quite complicated. Help can be asked from a friend or future mother-in-law. Also, the size of the finger can be found with the sewing centimeter while the girl is sleeping.
  2. Type of metal and shape. Unlike wedding engagement rings, which should be made of gold, smooth and round, engagement jewelry can have an abstract look and be cast from any precious alloy.
  3. Type of stones. Those who want to surprise and delight the bride need to choose a jewelry inlaid with diamonds - in bulk or with one, but very beautiful and bright stone. Colored stones are better not to use, as they do not look so solemn and romantic.
  4. Opportunities and chances. Guys should remember that the cost and size of the ring should not affect the girl’s answer and decision. Loving and faithful, she will agree to become a wife in response to an offer made by a ring of silver or even copper. Those who pursue high cost and chic are unlikely to become good wives.

There are a few more rules that apply to engagement rings :

  • Brides who change their minds to tie the knot according to the rules of etiquette should return the jewelry to a young man. That he will make with him the personal choice of each offended man.
  • If the groom divorces the engagement, the failed bride has the full right to leave the jewelry at home as compensation for the time and nerves spent.
  • The bride, who was not lucky enough to become a widow before the wedding, must wear a donated jewelry item until she meets another man.
  • A woman should also return the engagement ring in the event of an early divorce. Engagement in this case may remain with her.

In order for the marriage proposal to become one of the most memorable and important days in the life of future spouses, the groom needs to think through everything to the smallest detail. The ring, no matter how precious and precious it may be, will surely please and fit if it is given with love to a reciprocating person.