Which of the female stars 41 and even 44 shoe size

Have you noticed that from childhood you were imposed standards of female beauty? Like, the girl should be a miniature, slender, sort of Cinderella in crystal shoes. If the figure can be changed by proper nutrition and exercise, and hair grow back or cut, then the size of the legs is what nature has rewarded us. In reality, many women cannot boast of a miniature leg, but one must understand that the 41st and even 44th foot sizes are not at all a reason for complexes. Many did not even notice that some beauties of show business wear not crystal shoes at all.

Famous Bigfoot Women

We, such impressionable and emotional persons, do not need to worry about the size of the legs, which does not correspond to some fictitious "standards". Many famous women wear shoes larger than 40th size, but this does not diminish their appearance. Let's get to know them better.

Milla Jovovich

41 shoe sizes, 43 years old, height - 173 cm.

Hollywood star Milla Jovovich, with standard growth, has a non-standard foot size - 41. Despite this, her legs do not look like “skis” at all. The body structure and figure and actresses look very fragile and attractive.

Oksana Fedorova

Shoe size - 41, 41 years old, 178 cm.

Miss Universe 2002 never complained about its parameters. In reality, with her growth, the size of the legs looks very organic, especially in elegant stilettos. Oksana is experiencing problems with the selection of shoes, but not too big. We like it when a girl wears boats, but the model also loves shoes with pointed toes or voluminous shoes. In our opinion, they too lengthen her leg.

Evelina Bledans

41 shoe sizes with a height of 174 cm, 50 years.

The actress was never shy of her body, and what can I say - in her years she looks just fine! Evelina has repeatedly said in an interview that a girl should love herself and what nature has awarded her. Do not forget about taking care of yourself, regular training, and you should not think about how long your feet are.

Eva Herzigova

Shoe size - 41, 46 years old, height - 180 cm.

The Czech supermodel was always terribly shy of her legs, so all her life she only wears high-heeled shoes. In everyday life, Eva shoes sneakers or sneakers, but appears on cameras only on a hairpin.

Jenna Elfman

41 the size of robuvi, 47 years old, height 178 cm.

Jenna loves tricks such as a short skirt or high stilettos to visually reduce the leg. We love the actress without these tricks!

Michelle Obama

42 size, 55 years old, height 182 cm.

The wife of the former president of the United States rarely appears in public on a hairpin. Her choice is a low-heeled wineglass, which is undoubtedly very comfortable, but emphasizes the length of Michelle's foot. We do not think this is a big problem: after all, the growth and build of the former First Lady allow her to wear similar shoes.

Cindy Crawford

41 size, 53 years old, height 175 cm.

Famous in the fitness sector, the model boasts a beautiful body and graceful shapes. No one could even think that she is a happy owner of 41 foot sizes!

Kate Winslet

Shoe size - 41, 43 years, height 169 cm.

The star of the Titanic joked in one of the interviews that she “loves to stand firmly on her feet”, therefore she is not at all embarrassed by her legs, which are a little more than what is supposed to be according to the “standard of beauty”.

Oprah Winfrey

42 shoe size, 65 years old, height - 165 cm.

For many, this combination of height and foot size is a complete disaster, but not for Oprah. In her years, the TV presenter looks simply amazing and doesn’t exactly worry what people think about her feet.

Meg Ryan

Foot size −42, 57 years old, 173 cm.

The actress is not "soared" about the legs and wears everything that the soul pleases: ballet shoes, boots, sandals on a flat sole. If only it were convenient!

Nicole Kidman

43 shoe size, 51 years old, height 181 cm.

Nicole believes that long feet are almost the sexiest part of her body, so she often puts on open sandals or slippers with outstretched noses.

Maria Sharapova

Shoes - 43 size, 32 years, 188 cm.

The famous Russian tennis player loves both athletic sneakers and elegant high-heeled shoes. Maria admitted that choosing both beautiful and comfortable shoes for her is not an easy task. The athlete is the owner of model growth, so her feet do not look big.

El MacPherson

43 shoe size, 55 years old, height - 183 cm.

El is an entrepreneurial girl, so she releases her own model of universal boats, which looks great both on her leg and on the legs of other beauties.

Victoria Lopyreva

Shoe size - 43, 35 years old, height 177 cm.

The famous Russian model, the ambassador of the World Cup in Russia in 2018 and just the beauty Victoria Lopyreva knows how to correctly present herself. For photos on Instagram and on the carpet, the girl chooses the most advantageous poses. Most often it can be found in elegant stilettos that look amazing.

Heidi Klum

42 foot size, 45 years old, height 176 cm.

Heidi is not shy about walking in open shoes, but most often he chooses shoes with a rounded toe, which do not add a few extra centimeters, but, on the contrary, visually reduce the foot.

Uma Thurman

Shoe size - 42, 49 years, 181 cm.

The main inspirer of Quentin Tarantino, actress Uma Thurman is shy of his feet. Many people know how Uma liked the director’s legs, but she often asked not to take them in the frame so as not to be embarrassed.

Claudia Schiffer

43 shoe size, 48 years old, height - 180 cm.

The German top model loves a variety of shoes and does not shy away from sneakers and flat shoes. The girl captivates fans with her extraordinary appearance.

Paris Hilton

Shoe size 43, 38 years old, height - 173 cm.

The famous blonde occupies a leading position on our list. With a small growth, the star has an impressive leg, the size of which it often only emphasizes, putting on the louboutins on a tall platform.

Tyra Banks

43 shoe size, 45 years old, height 178 cm.

The world famous American model Tyra Banks captivated everyone with her ability to "smile with her eyes, " so no one paid much attention to the length of her feet. And she was not shy, but she did not focus on this either.

Monica Bellucci

44 shoe size, 54 years old, height 178 cm.

I bet you would never have thought that the famous Italian actress Monica Bellucci would become the leader of our list? She is called the most elegant, sexy, natural celebrity. So she is, and no size of her legs will make this woman worse. For Monica herself, this, too, was never a reason for complexes.