Which children's swimming goggles are better?

When a child enters the swimming section, he needs to buy special clothes. It is much easier to choose a hat and a swimsuit than special glasses. After all, they differ in many indicators, about which ordinary people do not even suspect. Further in the article, we consider in more detail the models of children's goggles for swimming of popular manufacturers.

Types of children's glasses for swimming

A wide range of swimming goggles is available on the sports market.

Usually they are divided into the following types:

  • Starting. Differ in a rigid landing, streamlined elements and small lenses. Seals are not provided or are made of thermoplastic. Points are bought specifically for sports contests, as they level resistance and thereby increase speed indicators. For normal activities, this type is not suitable. Rigid construction leaves prints on the skin.
  • For training. Glasses are ideal not only for practice in the pool, but also for holidays on the sea coast. The product has three-dimensional lenses, a cast solid frame and a skin-friendly sealant.

Advice! In order not to make a mistake when buying, it is better to give preference to proven and top brands. In the line of each manufacturer, you can find inexpensive, affordable, and at the same time quality options.

Children 2-6 years old

For children from two years old , Arena X-Lite Kids glasses are suitable . The specified model is advised by many experts. They will help the child to get comfortable in an unusual environment without unpleasant sensations. The following advantages of the model can be distinguished:

  • The whole structure and seal are made of soft silicone, which provides a pleasant feeling when worn.
  • The nose can not be regulated: it has the property of adapting to the geometry of the face.
  • There is a convenient adjustment of the split belt using clips located on the sides.
  • The anti-fog layer prevents the glass from fogging.
  • Many interesting bright colors.

Important! The children's line of X-Lite Kids provides 100% protection of the organs of vision from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, which is important during sea trips.

Children from 3 to 7 years old

One of the top models for training is the Moby Kid by Aqua Sphere . It features the following features:

  • Equipped with an ordinary and understandable for the child adjustment, and can independently adjust to a specific form.
  • The bifurcated belt is made of silicone, sits firmly on the head and is adjusted with special buttons.
  • Soft hypoallergenic material does not leave dents or redness on the skin.
  • Plexisol lenses provide good visibility under water, even in unlit pools.
  • Lenses have a protective layer and anti-fog, which protects against fogging.
  • 100% UV protection allows you to take the accessory on vacation.
  • A variety of colors, among which everyone can find the right one.

Reference! In the basic configuration, a convenient protective case made of plastic comes with glasses.

Training glasses 6-14 years old

For beginners, the Jet Junior from Speedo is a good fit. All parts are made of anti-allergenic parts, and thanks to the silicone seal are tightly fixed to the face. The product can independently adjust to the proportions of the child’s head without additional adjustment.

As in previous models, the lenses are treated with Antifog, which prevents them from fogging. The lineup offers a lot of trendy colors.

The design is as close as possible to the adult version, which allows children to feel like professional athletes.

The indisputable advantage of the Spider Mirror Junior model from Arena is the presence of a mirror layer to protect against glare. They must be used in the pool with bright light. Polycarbonate lenses provide excellent visibility under water. Adjustment of the belt is carried out using an occipital clip.

Attention! Spider Mirror Junior is part of the 2016 Rio Olympics collection.

Professional glasses for young athletes

Beginners who are professionally involved in sports should take a closer look at Tracks Junior Mirror from the Italian manufacturer Arena . They provide clear lines under water and a wide viewing angle. This property is especially relevant during competitions, where it is important not to lose sight of the fence and other participants around.

The glasses are distinguished by a strong mount and a comfortable fit. They can dive without fear and make revolutions at high speed. The strap is adjusted at the back of the head. The protective filter allows you to train in open areas.

The best children's glasses-mask for the sea 3-7 years

Aqua Sphere Seal Kid accessories are designed specifically for swimming in open areas: ponds, lakes, the sea.

They have the following features :

  • It is made of a plastic material that provides reliable fixation, does not squeeze the skin and does not cause irritation.
  • The design is solid and has the property of adapting to the dimensions of the face.
  • A wide frontal and lateral view is achieved due to the curvature of the lenses.
  • The clarity of the picture and the protection against condensation is achieved thanks to the antifog coating.
  • The bifurcated belt is regulated by clips on each side.
  • A variety of bright colors.

Goggles are an indispensable element of swimmer's equipment, which protects eyes from contact with water. The mood and desire to play sports will depend on how much the child likes the accessory. The models considered in the article guarantee convenience and safety during swimming.