Which cardigan to choose a complete woman

Women with a magnificent figure, it is always difficult to choose their outfits. In this case, choosing a cardigan is another task! I would like to find not only practical clothes for cold weather, but also an attractive wardrobe item that makes the lady more interesting. We’ll tell you how to make the right choice.

Cardigan selection options for full

Before choosing, you need to find out the general direction. It matters, for the winter or summer season, for a holiday or everyday wear, a new thing is acquired.

When choosing, pay attention to the following points.


Fabric or yarn may be used.

  • For knitwear, mohair, cashmere, silk or cotton are appropriate. The main thing is that the threads are rather thin and the canvas as a result easily drapes the figure .
  • A stitched cardigan is best chosen from thin knitwear, jersey, and for special occasions - from guipure or lace.


  • For a full figure , knee- length or floor- length items are best suited.
  • Holders of a lush bust fit items to the middle of the thigh .


The choice of a suitable cut will depend mainly on the individual characteristics of the woman's figure.

  • an excellent option are models with an asymmetric bottom line, but with a protruding belly in front, there should be more than on the sides;
  • visually increase the low growth will help the diagonally sloping hem;

Important! The main aspect when choosing an asymmetric hem is length. A cardigan should not end at the widest point of your figure.

  • For a lush physique, a straight fit is beneficial, and it is also possible to have drapery folds.


It is advisable to choose models on which this element is absent at all or is available in a minimal amount .

Important! Lush women are advised to avoid zippers on a cardigan.

The best models of cardigans for full

Consider the most suitable cardigan models and their combinations with other elements of the wardrobe.

A little flared down

Cardigan without a collar, clasps and extra decorative elements. Made of guipure, it is perfect for both classic trousers and regular jeans, giving the appearance of romance and tenderness.

Three quarter straight silhouette

In combination with the decor applique made of contrasting fabric, it looks strictly and solemnly. It can be safely used as outerwear and worn over a sheath dress.

From thin knitwear

It is made with the addition of elastane, with a collar-collar and a broken hemline. Complement the business outfit from trousers and a black blouse. And the unusual tie fixing the cardigan floors will give the look a special zest and unusualness.


The knee-length model is suitable for purposeful and energetic people. It can be combined with jeans of a classic cut.

Reference! Transformer is the most successful option for drapery of a magnificent figure, but is suitable for almost any type of figure.

Bat silhouette

A knitted cardigan with an unusual fastener can be combined with a classic straight skirt, trousers or jeans. This model will give nobility to anyone alongside and add rigor .

Even if you are overweight, do not despair! Having chosen your wardrobe correctly, you can cause admiration of others.