Which is better - a suitcase or a bag on wheels?

Before embarking on a trip, one usually wonders where to put things necessary for travel? The most common options are a travel bag and a suitcase. Which item will be more convenient and practical for you, read on ...

Travel Bag Benefits

  1. One of the main advantages of the bag is lightness (about 5 kg). Such weight is placed on wheels, which will allow even a fragile girl to use this item.
  2. The bag on wheels is transportable. You can easily place it in the passenger compartment or trunk of the car, as well as under the lower shelf in the train car. This will happen due to the softness of the material of which the bag is made.
  3. If the bag weighs less than 5 kg, and the height, depth and width are no more than 115 cm, then feel free to take it on the plane in the form of hand luggage. Thanks to this, you will not need to take extra items while you are in flight.
  4. Due to the bottom, made of rigid material, as well as the wheels on it, things will be safe and sound, and the bottom of the product in a clean and neat form.
  5. After traveling, this item is very easy to store. When folded, the bag does not take up much space and allows you to maintain order and cleanliness.

Pros of a suitcase on wheels

An important advantage of the suitcase is that its walls, made of plastic, easily protect the contents from various damages, whether it is snow and rain, or mechanical stress. You can fit the contents of several travel bags into a large suitcase. This is a very useful circumstance for those people who often use the services of airlines. After all, flying on an airplane involves paying for baggage according to its weight.

Most suitcases on the market today have a function to increase volume.

So what to choose? What's better?

In response to this question, you should pay attention to the negative aspects of the products and to your preferences. If it is important to keep the clothes in good condition, do not break fragile objects (for example, glass) during transportation and do not spoil the contents with spilled wine, oil or jam - feel free to take your suitcase on the trip.

And if you travel with a small load in a car or train, and you need to take a small amount of things that you can easily then iron out, pay attention to the travel bag. The same should be done if you do not have the fantastic ability to lift heavy loads!

The main thing is to know that when buying this or that option, pay attention to the quality of the material, as well as the strength of the handles and wheels!