Where do the catwalk outfits go after shows? Are there catwalk images in life?

Many fashionistas around the world are interested in the question of where the collections go after the shows. Indeed, most clothing models have no practical value, only artistic.

Repeat impressions

First of all, the demonstration of clothes on the catwalk has an advertising purpose. In most cases, repeat viewing is also arranged, especially for purchasers and stylists of fashion publications . It turns out that after the show everything is just beginning. Things must be conveyed in a favorable light to a potential buyer.

Important! Things are selected for fashion shoots, and part is distributed to shops or customers.

Where do the Maxmara or Sportmax outfits go after the show?

Repeated views of Maxmara are usually arranged in showrooms and company offices. They last for several days. The difference from the catwalk is that the outfits can be touched, studied in more detail. Each guest is given 20 minutes and a detailed presentation is held.

This is where things are selected for further photo shoots, presentations or movies. And buyers choose models for their high-end stores.

In the same office, contracts are concluded. Next , the brand line is sewn and ends up in stores . So many fashion houses act.

Attention! At its repeated views, Maxmara invites its guests to familiarize themselves with photos, sketches, and materials for inspiration. For example, in the spring-summer collection, Sportmax artists were inspired by the folk clothes of the tribes of the African continent.

Simplification of images in mass production

The shows of leading brands set fashion trends. In the future, simpler things are done on their basis in an affordable price segment.

It is worth recalling the famous dress from Coco Chanel. There are a huge number of copies of this product. Many things from the catwalk can not be worn, and simplified copies are created specifically for life.

The suit was smashed into details.

For example, transparent fabric is often complemented by a lining, and too catchy colors are replaced by neutral ones. However, in such an adaptation of things, the main thing is not to overdo it and find a middle ground.

Reference! Many catwalk dresses can be seen on world stars at the opening of various ceremonies.

Some critics believe that the total look from the podium is evidence of a lack of creativity. Individual taste is considered the destiny of selected people. Therefore, a real mod will never copy.

As you can see, things from fashion shows do not gather dust in the closets and warehouses of fashion brands. After all, after a demonstration to the whole world, unlimited possibilities open before them.