Where do boots in Russia

Valenki belong to one of the main attributes of Russia. They help warm the legs in frosty weather, protect the feet from aggressive environmental influences and do not have a negative effect. Among the variety represented on the modern market, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. A few additional recommendations will help determine the manufacturer and model when purchasing products.

Where do felt boots in Russia

The production of felted shoes spread throughout the country. Such a demand is well deserved: felt boots have been used as reliable winter shoes since ancient times, since the time of princes in Ancient Russia.

Reference! Initially, felted products were the shoes of wealthy people, as they differed in high cost. The peasants could not afford such shoes.

A wide range of products is presented on the modern market, whose manufacturers are located throughout Russia. In almost every city there is one, and sometimes several factories that produce felt boots. The main focus is on the Urals and Siberia. Many companies are sewing felted shoes according to personal designs, in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Some have direct delivery from the manufacturer, which saves money.

Addition! Many manufacturers deliver not only in Russia, but also beyond its borders.

Well-known manufacturers of boots in Russia

Among the diversity presented on the modern market, it is difficult to choose the best option. It is necessary to choose a product that will differ among others in high quality and favorable price. A short overview of popular companies will help you make the right choice.

Well-known manufacturers:

  1. The Naran company is located in the city of Ulan-Ude and is the largest and most sought-after manufacturer of felt products in the modern market. In addition, manufacturers offer an assortment of knitwear and bedding.
  2. The Valenki company has been manufacturing felted shoes since the 19th century. A distinctive feature is that manufacturers accept applications for individual orders. In addition, unique souvenirs are produced.
  3. SpetsRegionSnab is located in Yaroslavl. Manufacturers produce high quality shoes at competitive prices, are open for cooperation with the goal of wholesale.
  4. “Slavenki” are engaged in the production of warm products that are distinguished by a unique design. At production exclusively natural materials are used. An order for individual parameters is possible. Shipping is carried out in Russia and in foreign countries.
  5. The company "Reliable Valenoks" is located in Cheboksary. A distinctive feature and great advantage of manufacturers is that employees use an exclusively manual method of work. Accordingly, shoes stand out among others in high quality.
  6. The main advantage of the Bitsevskaya Factory among other manufacturers in the domestic market is the manufacture of felt boots and felted shoes without the use of dyes and acids. This aspect contributes to an environmentally friendly product.
  7. Kukmorsky felting and felt mill is known far beyond the borders of the country. The company's products are of high quality at competitive prices. Manufacturers offer a wide range of products with both a classic and a modern and unique design.

Valenoks in Russia: what are in fashion

Valenoks are a special type of shoe that is never lost among other products and stays in trend every winter. Felt boots for the winter of 2018-2019 are distinguished by a bright and bold design that will help each fashionista stand out from the crowd.

Stylists and fashion designers recommend paying special attention to the color palette of products when buying. At the peak of popularity, shoes of bright impulsive tones: red and its shades, blue, yellow, green. Many manufacturers advise to buy felt boots, the texture of which combines several shades at once, due to which an interesting gradient is obtained. In such products, any woman will not be left without due attention.

Felt products with bright decor are in great demand. This can be an ornament, color drawings, rhinestones, fringe, additional buttons or zippers. Many models have a special woolen or knitted patch on the top. It serves as a decorative element and provides additional heat for the legs in the frosty season. The correct selection of outfits and accessories can make up a unique and stylish combination.

Many girls prefer their shoes exclusively on heels. Valenoks are not a reason to refuse a high rise. The main trend is steel with a stable heel or wedge heel, additionally equipped with embossed soles. This will prevent a possible fall on ice.

Important! When buying, pay special attention to the sole. It must have the necessary parameters to slip on ice.

Felt boots are the right choice for frosty winter weather. They provide warmth and dryness for the legs during a walk or business meeting. Several rules will help in choosing a manufacturer and model, and additional recommendations in choosing a product that will correspond to all fashion trends of the last season.