When ripped jeans look vulgar

Already the first jeans, which appeared in 1853, attracted by their strength, reliability, relative accessibility and convenience. Therefore, when the trousers wore out and scuffs and holes appeared on the fabric, they still often continued to be worn: not everyone had the financial ability to purchase new ones. Could the hard workers of the mid-19th century have suggested that, after some one and a half centuries, worn clothes from the category of workers will migrate into a fashionable women's wardrobe?

The attitude to holey jeans changed after the 70s of the last century, thanks to separate social groups such as hippies or punks. Then torn things were positioned as an expression of freedom and protest against glamor . Later, pants with holes ceased to be an item of clothing for rebels and marginals: today they have become a sign of style - holes gap in the jeans of every second fashionista. Many celebrities, fashion bloggers, young schoolgirls and even business women do not part with this original and convenient wardrobe item. Despite the fact that today such clothing has many adherents, some contemporaries consider it vulgar.

Does a woman really look like in ripped jeans? Let's figure it out!

When holes make the image vulgar

Ripped jeans have been at their peak for decades now. They are a favorite wardrobe of girls and women of any age.

Place and size of holes

Reference! Modern designers of leading brands offer many models of pants of varying degrees of "leakage". Some have small scuffs or slits on their knees, others have huge holes in the hips and buttocks.

It is easy to guess that it is the second option that is perceived by others as frankly vulgar and unaesthetic .

Degree of negligence

Even if you are considering buying a model with small cuts in the buttock area, carefully weigh whether it is worth doing. After all, after a short time, they, with a high degree of probability, will creep away. As can be seen in the photo , this does not even adorn Kim Kardashian.

Moreover, the holes will take such dimensions that every passer-by will be aware of in what underwear you went for a walk today. If this prospect does not scare - go for it!


Another important point is the reason why you decided to wear ripped jeans.

Important! In the office, at a business meeting or social event, jeans, especially if there are holes in them, are unacceptable.

The only exceptions are when there is nothing more to wear. And also, if your goal is to attract the attention of the public. But on a walk with friends, a party, shopping or a picnic, such jeans will look quite appropriate.

Important! To torn jeans look spectacular, pay special attention to the selection of wardrobe items, shoes, accessories.

Incorrect combinations

Ripped jeans themselves are a very active and bold piece of clothing, attracting a lot of attention. Therefore, the more holes, scuffs and slots they have, the easier the upper part of the image should be .

Advice! A great addition will be a plain blouse, jacket, leather jacket or a simple cut t-shirt. From shoes fit sneakers, ballet shoes or simple pumps. Massive and vibrant jewelry is best avoided, preferring more calm and elegant accessories.

Excessive frankness

Ripped high-waisted jeans have become very common. Often, girls trying to look seductive put them on with pantyhose or stockings in a net, as well as with lace translucent tops and body, more reminiscent of underwear . This is where excessive frankness borders on vulgarity and bad taste. We strongly recommend not repeating such images!

Who looks vulgar in ripped jeans

Some women, wanting to look mischievous and playful, completely forget that ripped jeans, like any other clothes, are not suitable for everyone . Indeed, sometimes leaky pants are able to emphasize the individuality of a girl and her rebellious character. But in some cases, they make the image tasteless and indecent. When choosing such clothes, be sure to consider the age and characteristics of the figure.

Important! Particular care must be taken with respect to such trousers for full ladies. Legs “falling out” in places where there is no tissue do not add to the woman's attractiveness.

Slender girls should pay attention to jeans with horizontal scuffs . And owners of magnificent forms will look advantageously in straight cut trousers with small vertical accents.

Whether or not to wear such jeans is entirely your choice. With the right selection of the image, any woman will look attractive in them. Experiment and try new things! But do not blindly follow fashion trends and overdo it with the number of torn elements on clothes.