When age is not a hindrance: 50 stars who dress defiantly

Frank outfits on beautiful and slender girls always look attractive. But when the stars of show business of the age category 50+ decide to shock the audience with their not-so-perfect bodies, it looks rather comical and puts them in an unattractive light. Some famous ladies continue to expose the body, ignoring the discontent of others.

Stars who continue to “wise” age dress went

The stars of the scene, both domestic and foreign, seek to subdue their fans not only with their voices, but also with their appearance. Many ladies of respectable age who have achieved some success and honor, prefer to shock the audience with outfits, deep neckline and breathtakingly short dresses.

A striking example of this in the domestic scene is Alla Pugacheva. The Russian stage diva prefers to show her still slender legs, as well as a built figure in short skirts and dresses. However, this is not the most frank image that is present on our stage. There are more desperate women who have come to grips with time.

The most revealing outfits were seen on:

  • Irina Allegrova (the singer was always distinguished by her relaxed looks and preferred to go on stage and attend formal events in dresses with a corset and a deep neckline, the habit has remained to this day, the famous "hijacker" continues to shock the audience with deep cuts, since there is something to show, as well as shows a love for transparent fabrics);
  • Larisa Dolina (in the struggle for a slim figure, the singer spent her entire conscious life; trying to look sexier, Dolina is even rumored to have enlarged her chest and is now striving to flaunt it in every possible way, dresses and stage costumes with a deep neckline - an integral attribute of the concert activity of an old-timer of domestic scenes);
  • Lolita (this woman is beautiful at all ages and, having crossed the 50-year-old threshold, has become even more shocking without losing attractiveness; despite the imperfections in her figure, the woman “without complexes” boldly puts on transparent dresses on her body, emphasizing long legs and attractive breasts, in her wardrobe there is even a famous tight-fitting suit, the analogue of which is Jay Law's suit, though it looks completely different on our star).

Important! Costumes of stars do not always look perfect and emphasize the status of a lady. In most cases, followers harshly criticize such frank sets and reproach women for their courage.

It is fair to say that abroad there are also a number of singers and actresses who are not shy about appearing in public in revealing costumes, although they are already at a “wise” age. It would seem that it was high time to pay attention to closed dresses of strict style, to dress up in trouser suits of a classic cut, or at least look a little more modest, but no, it's not about them.

Among Western celebrities, their frankness in respectable age stands out:

  • Cher (this lady was always struck by the lack of complexes, which was worth her exits on the red carpet of the Oscar in the 90s and 2000s; now she is already over 70, and she does not want to dress in her grandmother's outfit: still narrow trousers, short skirts and deep necklines - dominate her wardrobe);
  • Jennifer Lopez (by the age of 50, Jay Law had not changed her habits, she still continues to wear revealing outfits that fit tight skirts and overly tight trousers - it should be noted that this suits her very much, and the actress remains the dream of many men);
  • Sophia Loren (the famous beauty cannot be categorized as modest, she is chic even at 84 and continues to wear short dresses with a deep neckline);
  • Susan Sarandon (71-year-old actress is not indifferent to dresses on the floor with a very deep neckline, this can be seen on the red carpet of official events).

But the most famous singer who will never miss a chance to bare a little more than what is permitted is Madonna. This 60-year-old star still goes on stage in swimsuits and high heels, does not disdain the most unusual and revealing costumes.

Many venerable ladies of domestic and foreign cinema and stage are changed by a sense of style. Or, stylists who follow the wardrobe of divas cannot defeat their craving for a short, tight and outspoken one. In any case, in most images such a revelation looks ridiculous and often even funny. It is necessary to age with dignity, this should be remembered also by star ladies who claim to be called "style icons."