What you can’t go to the wedding: etiquette

A wedding is an important event not only for the bride and groom. Guests also begin to prepare gifts and outfits in advance. Men find it easier: classic trousers and a suitable shirt are enough. The choice of clothes can lead a woman to a standstill. And this is not only because of our inconstancy. Some things at the festival are inappropriate; they will offend the bride. What to go to the celebration? We will tell you more about clothes that do not fit into the wedding dress code.

What clothes are not suitable for a wedding

There are things that are good for any other holidays, but not for a wedding. No need to upset the bride and guests. We bring to your attention the TOP-6 things that are not suitable for celebration .

White dress

On this day, the white color belongs exclusively to the bride! Neither the witness nor the female guests should wear white clothing . But men can choose a light shirt.

In addition to pure white, this category includes milk, powder and other light shades . Still, wedding dresses are now not always snow-white.

Super mini

It doesn’t matter whether it is a dress or a skirt.

Important! Bare feet to the hips at someone else's wedding is not worth it.

Firstly, such clothes are inconvenient for dancing and participating in various competitions. Secondly, the bride should receive attention, this is her day.

Cutouts, deep neckline

As in the case of the mini, you don’t need to attract extra attention to yourself, but at the same time shine with “charms” during competitions and dances.

And two cutouts (front and back) also look vulgar and are not suitable for special occasions.

Black clothes

Most brides find a black dress inappropriate. This is not a funeral, you do not need to wear gloomy outfits!

Important! A little black dress is suitable for a club party, birthday, but not for a wedding. No bright jewelry or handbag will fix the mourning look.

Superstitious people consider black clothes a bad omen.

But there is an opposite opinion, allowing such outfits at a family holiday.


Dresses, pants, breeches, sundresses, shorts, any denim suits are not suitable for celebration.

The exception is stylized (thematic) events with a non-standard plot. In this case, the program and clothing are discussed in advance.


Agree, clothes for sports grounds are far from a holiday . Do not wear it, you will feel uncomfortable.

Advice! Recently, themed weddings are in fashion. It will be useful to ask the bride about the color of the wedding dress, so as not to fall into it. Perhaps girlfriends will dress in the same gamut.

What corresponds to the wedding dress code

A wedding dress code is not a completely familiar concept. More precisely, this is an authorized, comfortable outfit for such an important celebration. The guest should be comfortable in it, so too high heels, new shoes that have not yet been delivered, are immediately swept away.

The basic rules for creating an image for a wedding

  • Add color. We are leaving the monochrom, no white, black, gray outfits . We prefer other palettes, but not neon. Even muted red is appropriate at a wedding.
  • Choose the correct length . Mini can, but not above the middle of the thigh. It will be more convenient and easier in skirts, dresses to the knees.
  • Pants? Can! Suits from a jacket with shorts are also allowed. Only they should be from the trouser fabric that holds the shape.
  • Leather? Only in bags, accessories, shoes . Leather trousers, skirts, leggings at the wedding are inappropriate.
  • Lace guipure? No! Let the bride only have tulle, veil and other lace products. A narrow border is allowed along the edge of the dress, skirt . You can have a little lace in the decoration of the blouse, but this should not be conspicuous.
  • Layering? No! Wraps, ponchos, vests, suits of three or more items for a wedding celebration are not suitable, as are fur collars. It will be hot, uncomfortable, more reasonable to choose single-layer clothing. In the cold season, you can wear thermal underwear.

Wedding is a fun event. Let the beautiful bride remain in the spotlight. This is her day, and guests can dress a little more modestly so as not to pull their eyes on themselves.