What you can do with scarves with your own hands

A scarf is not just a piece of clothing that will warm in bad weather, but an accessory that complements the look. Successfully selected and beautifully tied, a scarf often becomes the central element of the outfit.

But if this accessory has already bored you, then using a drop of imagination, you can make a new effective thing out of it.

Scarves make not only clothes for adults and children, but also hats, bags and many other interesting things for the home.

Scarf Clothing

Self-made clothes always stand out, attracts eyes, causes admiration and surprise. Even if it took a simple conversion of one element to another to make it, it will still be unique. A scarf is exactly that element that easily turns into a vest or poncho. Or something else interesting.

For adults

In winter, you often want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket. But this is far from always possible. At such moments, a poncho sewn from a woolen scarf can help out .

Summer options for remaking satin scarves and chiffon scarves are also very interesting.

A few stitches on the sides and two satin neckerchiefs result in a new dress:

Square scarves can be connected in another way.

Here you will need a satin ribbon for the neck and strapless:

More complex models look even more spectacular:

It is quite easy to make an elegant top out of a scarf:

For children

Mom needlewomen make vests for their babies from scarves. For this, a narrow children's scarf or a wide adult are suitable. If the vest turned out to be prickly, then you can sew a lining.

In addition, warm shirts are very popular among mothers :

For home and household

Despite the fact that the scarf is a piece of clothing, it is often used by craftsmen in everyday life for other purposes.

For example, a cozy warm cup warmer will give tea party a special atmosphere.

In the same way you can make an original flower pot for indoor flower.

An unusual pillow cover is easy to make both knitted and smooth satin.

Such things make the house not only original, but also truly cozy.

The curtains on the windows made of silk scarves also look very bright and unusual .

Four-legged favorites are not forgotten. For them, toys and warm overalls for the winter are made from scarves.

Bags & Accessories

Using scarves and stoles to create accessories and bags is not only creative and practical, but also very beautiful. Such products will revive the image, give charm and coquetry.

Bags, slings

There are many options for making bags. Most often, a square stole or a satin or silk scarf is used for this.

However, you can use a neckerchief as an accessory to the bag.

From scarves over 2 meters, young mothers make slings - backpacks, cradles for children.

Jewelry, hats

Recently, scarf hats such as a turban or turban are becoming increasingly popular .

Make them easy, but still, you have to practice.

You can also make simpler hats.

In addition to all this, exquisite belts, original necklaces, unusual hair ties and many - many other accessories are obtained from neckerchiefs .