What yarn to knit plaid?

A common and very useful hobby is knitting. This is a pleasant needlework for moms on maternity leave, women in their free time or for grandmothers. Particularly sharply increases the relevance in the winter, when in the evenings you so want to hide in a warm blanket.

But which yarn is better to choose, and how to calculate its quantity, we will consider in detail.

What yarn is better to choose for a children's plaid?

For a baby, it is better than natural yarn and can not be:

  • Merino wool is the best option for a baby plaid. The product will be warm, soft to the touch, hypoallergenic and will not prick, which the child will like.

  • If you need an easy children's plaid, then you need to choose a thread with cotton . Such a product will be soft, breathe well, and care will be easy.
  • For crocheting, natural yarn is preferable.
  • If you are a beginner, get a fluffy mohair that will hide small mistakes and uneven knitting.

  • Acrylic and Angora yarn will add airiness and warmth. You can choose a beautiful pattern, for heat it is better to knit in 2 threads.

Important! Wonderful yarn alize puffy with loops appeared . If the plaid is for a teenage girl, she will definitely want to create a “masterpiece” with her hands without knitting needles and a hook.

The softest yarn is easy to use, even without knowledge and a pattern, you can screw each loop in turn into the next - the simplest pattern is ready ! The width of the product is determined by eye. Softness, lightness and hypoallergenicity are the advantages of yarn, especially for children.

Advice! The use of fluffy yarn is undesirable, as a child may cause a rash of lint or fluff. Synthetics is also not the best option.

Choosing a size for the plaid

Recommended sizes for baby blankets:

  • for a little crumb in a stroller will be enough for 70 x 70 cm, you need about 400 grams of yarn;
  • 80 x 100 cm (about 700 grams of thread) is enough to wrap the little baby.

To accurately calculate the loops, experts recommend that you first select a pattern for the product. It is necessary to knit a small sample according to the scheme - about 10 x 10 cm. Then, calculate the number of loops in this sample and multiply by the desired size.

What pattern is needed for a plaid?

The yarn affects the choice of the pattern:

  • For even threads, you can choose any pattern. If the product is for children, then the fingers of the baby will easily fall into the openwork knitting.
  • Therefore, the patterns are better large, they are much easier to work.

For beginners

Any patterns will seem difficult for beginners, for them it is better to choose combinations with different colors of yarn. It can be large squares or strips that will decorate the product, and will be easy to execute. You can choose 2 shades of thread or several, it tastes the master.

Advice! You can alternate the front loops with the wrong ones, it will only be enough to change the colored skeins of thread. So without the use of patterns it is easy to achieve an excellent result!

The edges of the product can be decorated with fringe or crocheted.

Expert Advice

First we decide on the choice of yarn, then - with tools (knitting needles or hook). There are other nuances:

  • Certain patterns may require a clear selection of knitting needles (hook).
  • Thick threads will not allow you to make a complex pattern that you like.
  • After selecting a pattern, you can select the color of the plaid.
  • Cotton threads are better for a baby; you always need to purchase with a small margin in case of an error in the calculations.

Important! It is necessary to wash a cotton product in warm water, then it will last a long time.

If you take into account the simple recommendations of professionals, any beginner in knitting will be able to cope with this task. And a handmade gift will warm your baby with love.