What women's shoes are in fashion 2019?

Sneakers have gained popularity due to their convenience. Now it is a stylish wardrobe item that is used not only for sports. World designers present unusual styles that will become the highlight of any image.

Fashion trends: what surprise designers?

In 2019, sneakers of muted tones and with contrasting patterns are fashionable. In the trend, retainers and unusual decor. The main thing in sports shoes is practicality and comfort . Even fashionable products from well-known brands meet these requirements.

Fashion trends in 2019:

  • designers of the Versace fashion house use bright colors, lacing of unusual shades, as well as patterns on shoes that are combined with prints on clothes;
  • Burberry collections feature checkered sneakers, with bright and classic colors, clips and reinforced soles;
  • Dolce & Gabbana brand offers brilliant models, options on the platform and heels;
  • Gucci products shock consumers with shoes without a back and shrouded in chains;
  • Louis Vuitton on the catwalks demonstrates a massive sole;
  • Givenchy fashion house has a corrugated sole;
  • Stella Jean designers released fur sneakers;
  • high styles introduced by the brand Maison Magriela.

Sports brands produce less shocking products. New Balance, Reebok, Nike and other companies use bright colors, unusual textures for their collections, but the sneakers are comfortable and meet safety requirements.

When choosing such shoes, it is necessary to focus on its purpose - sports or for everyday wear.

What are the colors in the trend of 2019?

In 2019, bright colors and shades are popular. Also in the trend will always be shoes in classic tones. So, in the wardrobe of every fashionista there are white sneakers that can be combined even with skirts, dresses and things in a business style.

In 2019, among the prints, popular animalistic motifs. Shoes in this color deserve to become an accent part of the image. The remaining things in the ensemble should be simple and concise.

The trend is acid colors. It can be unusual models in light green, pink, orange colors. These shoes can be combined with different things. In any case, you get a catchy bow.

Which brands are relevant?

Sneakers have become an indispensable wardrobe item, so almost all fashion houses try to present their vision of perfect shoes. It should be not only aesthetically attractive, but also comfortable. The New Balance brand complies with these requirements.

Great running options are offered by Reebok. Products are light, soft, suitable for sports and everyday wear. The Japanese brand Asics pays great attention to adapting shoes to the individual characteristics of the foot. In addition, the models are durable and durable.

Legislators of sports fashion is Nike. Sneakers are ideal for outdoor activities. The Adidas brand tries to always be in the trend, so the products combine comfort and the latest materials.

Important! When choosing sports shoes, you need to pay attention to the Nike brand. He produces durable models that evenly distribute the load on the foot.

Stylish styles of women's sneakers 2019

Sneakers can be found in the wardrobe of every person. Designers are constantly developing new styles. In 2019, unusual models with bright colors, decorations, and interesting designs are popular.

High top

High-top styles are more suitable for girls. The model adds an image of playfulness, especially if you combine such shoes with short skirts, shorts, tight jeans . An ensemble with a strict pencil skirt looks interesting.

Important! When creating looks with high-top sneakers, it’s important to avoid unusual color combinations.

Large soles

Although the sole is large, the shoes look neat. Sneakers are comfortable, stylish, create confident images. Comfortable models are suitable for rainy autumn weather. Features of wearing products on a large sole:

  • sneakers will not help emphasize long legs, the design of the shoe, on the contrary, visually shortens them;
  • it is best to combine the model with pants and jeans;
  • it is important that the clothes are combined in color with the shoes, otherwise it will turn out a sloppy bow.

Massive sneakers

Massive models look a bit messy, but at the same time they are comfortable and stylish. For the first time, such a shoe was presented by a brand called BALENCIAGA, but now many leading fashion houses produce massive sports shoes. The strange form in 2019 is at the peak of popularity. Distinctive features of massive women's sneakers:

  • big size;
  • volume sole with a notch;
  • intricate design;
  • use of several colors at once;
  • thick and bright laces;
  • application of different textures in one model.


Unusual design is suitable for courageous and extraordinary personalities . Not everyone decides to wear such a model. But it is in trend, so you should pay attention to it. Distinctive features of women's sneaker socks:

  • tight-fitting style, elastic top;
  • there are both high and low options;
  • solid sole of medium height;
  • lack of lacing;
  • plain color.

Print, fur and decoration

As a decor, modern designers use fur, chains, unusual prints, spikes, leather bows. In combination with unusual forms, such sneakers can become a worthy accent in the image. Animal prints, cage are in fashion. Also at the peak of popularity are large brand logos that take up a lot of space.

“Beyond the Future”

Trendy futuristic sneakers are a bold step into the future. Their design may vary, but in any case, the model looks unusual and stylish. Neon plastic products are popular . Distinctive features of futuristic sports shoes:

  • thick sole;
  • original form;
  • volume fasteners;
  • combinations of different textures;
  • use of classic or vibrant colors.

Brilliant patterns

Shiny women's sneakers are presented in different forms. Compact styles of metallic color, with sequins, sequins, are popular. Some fashion houses have released a range with shiny soles.

Sneakers and heel

Sneakers are platform and high-top models. These shoes are not suitable for business style . Sneakers resemble boots, they are worn in autumn and winter. They are only suitable for young girls.

An unusual design decision is considered to be women's shoes with heels. This is ideal for small girls. When creating images, you need to choose a volumetric top. If a woman has wide ankles and is over 30 years old, she is better off with such models.