What women's jewelry men consider the most attractive

Jewelry on a woman has long ceased to be only a confirmation of her status. They are also no longer perceived as luxurious things necessary to demonstrate wealth. Today it is a unique way to emphasize your individuality, create your own unique style, correctly placing emphasis. Men's opinion in the choice of jewelry and jewelry plays a major role. As it turned out, men are sensitive to such "little things" in the female image . Therefore, girls should definitely use jewelry as a means of seduction.

What do men like best?

Representatives of the stronger sex are not very versed in modern trends and women's fashion. But there are several details of the ladies' wardrobe, in particular, jewelry and jewelry, which lead the guys to indescribable delight and excitement . According to social surveys, several products are considered the most attractive for the male half.

Clavicle Level Pendant

The neckline and gentle female collarbones of a man are considered one of the most beautiful parts of a woman's body .

A thin gold chain and a very small pendant can attract a masculine look and cause delight. They also cause a desire to protect a fragile girl.

Bracelet on the foot

Ankles - this is another thin, graceful part of a woman’s body, which men literally idolize .

Seeing a thin gold chain on a lady’s leg, possibly with a pendant, the strong sex is excited . Not for nothing that they consider the sexiest shoes to be sandals with straps around the ankles. In addition, the bracelet on the leg looks very stylish.

Ring earrings

Designers are not too fond of this type of jewelry. But men are not interested in fashion! They believe that the “rings” perfectly emphasize the beauty and grace of the female neck, creating a unique charm.

The main thing is that the earrings are made of noble metals - gold or silver.

Important! Men choose jewelry in terms of sexuality of a particular part of the female body.

With the help of jewelry, ladies try to emphasize the subtle details to which the eye is most attracted.

Ring on the finger. On the foot!

These details of the female image attracted the stronger sex. They noted that so women's legs look even more sexy and attractive. For summer onions, this is a great addition .

Size matters!

Representatives of the stronger sex react very subtly to women's rings, earrings or bracelets. They themselves do not notice how the gaze is attracted to those parts of the body that are decorated with precious or semiprecious metals and stones.

Important! To attract a man, rings, chains and bracelets should be thin and the earrings elongated.

A woman can skillfully manipulate the desires of a man if she correctly selects accessories.

What jewelry do not like?

It will not be superfluous to find out that it could not affect the brutal male soul.

Gold and jewelry do not dizzy

Despite the attractiveness of precious jewelry, men still do not pay too much attention to them . They admitted this in the course of the polls. Representatives of the stronger sex noted that their opinion about the sexuality and beauty of a woman is made up of completely different details, and jewelry here does not matter.

However, experts say that a girl can be liked by a man only when she is confident and feels attractive . Accessories made of precious metals only emphasize this confidence and give the girl some freedom to be attractive and desirable.

Chokers did not like

Experts also showed the men surveyed several trendy jewelry of our time. What can I say, now trendy chokers did not appeal to almost anyone. Interviewees compared this type of jewelry with a dog collar that does not look sexy at all.

Massive does not touch

When choosing jewelry, women should keep in mind that men are not attracted to large, thick, voluminous jewelry.

They are so contrary to the idea of ​​a refined female nature that they repel men.