What to wear with women's white jeans?

Light jeans in the summer wardrobe of any fashionista have long been one of the basic elements. They look interesting and elegant, add freshness and lightness to the whole image . Despite this, many girls are still confident that the white will greatly fill them, and in general, such an extremely impractical model will not suit them at all. Such stereotypes must be destroyed! Let’s figure out what to wear with white jeans.

When did white jeans appear?

Jeans were originally work clothes in the USA. These trousers were made of durable canvas, could withstand any conditions and were unusually comfortable. Later, they were paid attention in the fashion world and began to be actively used as urban casual and even holiday clothes.

The snow-white version was invented already in Europe . In the 1970s, a model from the UK, Gene Shrimpton, in support of the active youth of that time, invented a new trend . Then it was quite strange and defiant, because in many European countries they adhered to the not to wear white clothes from September until Easter. Fortunately, this idea has taken root in wide circles of society around the world, and today light jeans are considered one of the most popular models.

How to choose white jeans for a figure?

At the moment, there are many different types of trousers, so choosing the most suitable ones in the store will not be difficult. You can measure all the options at once, spending almost the whole day on it, but it’s better to know in advance what suits your body more - it emphasizes all the advantages and hides the flaws.

Skinny - exclusively fit skinny with narrow hips . Such pants strongly fit the legs (sometimes they say that they have the effect of a second skin), therefore, girls whose size exceeds 44, they are contraindicated. However, if your figure meets similar requirements, then in a skinny you will look simply incomparable!

Boyfriends - will be able to create a harmonious image with almost any size . The only thing you need to remember is the availability of accessories and all kinds of jewelry. On women with wide hips, they will look bulky.

Direct - one of the most practical and versatile options . But you should always pay attention to the ankle zone: if there are many folds going on, then the legs will look short. High-waisted models will be ideal in the fit form - they beautifully accentuate the waist and hide extra pounds.

Flared - visually lengthen legs. To create the desired effect, you only need to skillfully select the level from which the flare will start: from the knee or slightly higher . In any case, such jeans in white look like trousers, and therefore can be a wonderful ensemble even for the office.

Once you have decided on the right length and style, it's time to imagine how you can complement the summer look.

What to wear with women's white jeans?

This color is one of the most convenient for creating both a business and a romantic look. Depending on what you are going to wear with such trousers, there is not only the perception of others, but also your mood and feeling. To the great delight of all the beauties, for a successful combination, there are a lot of options:


Such a combination with the right color scheme will allow you to look fresh and easy even in the office in summer. For a business dress code, it's best to choose the least open options. As for the print or colors, there are practically no comments - take what you like. By the way, there is no need to necessarily create color contrast.

If you decide to pay attention to models of pastel shades or even the same snow-white as jeans, then your appearance will benefit from this. In addition, a blouse made of lightweight fabric is best worn out of the way - this will add airiness and tenderness to you. A stylish jacket can easily complement the look (in the summer, of course, you should look at the sleeves at least ¾).


An indispensable companion of any fashionable wardrobe. Now in stores you can find a lot of models of various colors, unusual styles, and even completely different in style and fabric. Shirts in black and white (especially with a horizontal or vertical strip) will look win-win .

At the same time, a jeans shirt will look interesting, which will successfully complement light pants and help create a very harmonious image. Refuel it or leave it out - it's up to you.

The main thing to remember is the need to always observe the correct proportions: for example, if you chose pants with a low waist, then with a tucked-in shirt, the body will look too elongated and incorrect . Light flowing fabrics are more suitable for a spectacular flying look - it is enough to tuck into such a shirt only in front.


A wonderful and versatile selection of urban fashionistas. An element such as a T-shirt will suit any figure, and with the right approach will be able to camouflage flaws.

Vests will look especially beautiful in the summer - with a white bottom, such a print is in perfect harmony. A great addition will be bright accessories or an interesting jacket.

In addition to t-shirts, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to all kinds of tops . If you have a beautiful thin waist, then it's time to demonstrate it.


There are no specific requirements for shoes suitable for this type of jeans. Of course, ideally, visually lengthen legs and beautifully adjust the figure will be able to shoes with high heels or wedges . But options on a flat sole look no less attractive.

Advice! It is better for short, chubby girls to avoid bright contrasting shoes without a heel.

White jeans are a great alternative to the usual dark or boring office pants for summer time. For almost every type of figure, you can choose a good model, and with the right combination, create an incredibly stylish and sexy look.