What to wear with a women's jacket

Today it is already impossible to imagine a stylish women's wardrobe without this universal thing - a jacket. How to create the right look and what to wear with a jacket? Designers create original models of jackets of different styles and colors, so that anyone can easily be combined with each bow. We discuss this in the article.


  • What to wear women's jackets with?
  • Classic black jacket
  • Luxurious blue jacket for all occasions
  • With pants
  • With jeans
  • With dresses
  • With skirts
  • With shorts
  • Red jacket
  • White
  • Blue
  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Jacket Length
  • Shortened
  • Classic
  • Elongated
  • Jacket Sleeve Length
  • Miscellaneous materials
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What to wear women's jackets with?

Want to be fashionable and attractive? Rummage in your things. I am sure that there will certainly be something suitable for creating an incredible set, as they say, "to a feast and to the world."

Always keep on hand pencil and maxi skirts, plain tops and t-shirts with print, trousers of bright and dark colors (tight, chinos, flared), light silk dresses and strict “cases”, denim shorts, shirts and blouses.

Any shoes: comfortable sneakers and moccasins - in the country, classic "boats" - in the office, sandals and high heels - at the disco, ballet shoes and sandals - for a walk.

Bags should be combined with shoes.

Classic black jacket

It is appropriate to appear at work, take a walk around the city, attend a friendly party and an official event.

To balance the excessive severity of black will help:

  • short dress with print;
  • jeans and a white oversized t-shirt;
  • shorts and a short topic;
  • White sneakers.

Want to be bright? Do not be afraid to dilute the black with shades of lemon, light pink, orange, malachite, red, pastel mint.

Important! The queen of the office and party will make the woman a jacket with a white blouse or shirt complete with blue, gray or white trousers of a classic cut.

The trend of this season is sneakers to match the jacket .

Luxurious blue jacket for all occasions

It is fashionable and in demand in all its shades to create an office and everyday style. It is perfectly combined with white, blue, beige, delicate gray, orange, pink, green, coral.

With pants

Do you dream to look fresh and unbanal? Take the blue and black pants in the figure as the basis .

Want to show off among colleagues? Wear a shaded blue jacket and pearl gray trousers, or buy tight coral trousers.

With jeans

In the arsenal of girls and women who love comfort and harmony, there is always a couple of these convenient little things. For business meetings, narrow, tight-fitting, for walks - "torn", shortened.

Their color is selected individually and can be either the most ordinary or the “space” silver.

With dresses

A win-win official option is a sheath dress of the corresponding color or neutral tones.

Advice! Don’t wear shoes and accessories that match your jacket.

With skirts

A great choice is a white blouse and a pencil skirt. Golden, coffee, chocolate shades will help to stand out from the crowd.

With shorts

Focus on the jacket. Well, if he is an elongated model or a "sleeveless jacket". Shorts are classic light. The waist is indicated by a contrasting strap to match the bag and shoes.

Red jacket

This color does not like competitors, therefore its classic companions are white “top”, black “bottom”. Combinations with pearl gray and dazzling white will create impeccable expressiveness, stylish originality - soft pink and pale orange, excellent balance - denim elements.

Fashionable components:

  • chiffon blouses;
  • white tops made of silk and lace;
  • thin sweaters;
  • black pencil skirt or cropped trousers;
  • leather shorts;
  • dresses from gray knitwear.


Do you like fashion transformations? Then, without a doubt, get down to business.

Start with a restrained, modest look: a plain white set of a jacket, top and trousers; shoes are fashionable "boats".

On a note! Want romance? Add a floral print to the look, replacing the strict classics with leggings, a dress or a “sun” skirt with light sandals or moccasins.

Stylish feminine ensembles make up:

  • jeans;
  • leather skirts;
  • black pants;
  • tops in gold and silver;
  • comfortable sneakers and moccasins;
  • wedge heel.

The nobility of white comes to the fore against black, red, gray, coral, blue, denim blue, emerald color and all powdery shades .


This is especially elegant in combination with white and dark blue . The pastel colors like bleached mint, “tea rose”, lilac, light gray give a special elegance to the image.

A jacket of a heavenly color, even in the summer, may seem frivolous. But he will decorate any jeans ensemble, and the “sleeveless jacket” will perfectly complement the youth look with “Bermuda” shorts and breeches.


He firmly took his place on the fashionable pedestal, thanks to the perfect combination with the classic range . With a beige jacket, office workers wear all shades of khaki, copper, olive, and black.

Feminine and delicate natures will suit softer shades of light green, pink, light yellow .

Ensembles with dresses in peas or stripes look festive and noble.

Young people wear it with jeans and moccasins.

Important! A categorical “no” in plain beige ensembles. It is boring and dull.


Not every woman will decide, but she certainly will not regret it. It is important to follow some canons.

This business style, including plain blouses, is not afraid of flounces and bows. It is appropriate to dilute it with a light neckerchief or scarf .

Young ladies prone to romanticism put on narrow light dresses and “stilettos” to match him under a gray jacket.

Gray color makes elegant ensembles with red, scarlet, raspberry, burgundy and plum. Young people combine such jackets with short flared dresses, moccasins, and flat-soled boots.


This is an autumn color, combined with warm burgundy, cherry, amber, dark green, gray, heavenly .

Successful solutions:

  • a skirt or trousers of autumn tones + a white top;
  • dresses in pastel colors (beige with gray, blue).

Shades of chocolate, cinnamon, bronze loves the country style. It also includes jeans and rough leather shoes.

Brown harmonizes with lilac, honey, sand, delicate blue.

The perfect combination: a jacket of dark mustard color + a dress or trousers made of fabric of black or light type of caramel or ivory.

Fashion designers recommend sets with blue and white flared trousers or shortened narrow ones.

Jacket Length


A jacket to the waistline and above is the trend of the season. Fashionistas put on him:

  • jeans;
  • mini skirts;
  • dresses for cocktails;
  • denim shorts;
  • palazzo pants and skinny;
  • free skirts to the floor;
  • shirts and t-shirts;
  • sneakers.

Important! You can not combine a shortened jacket with leggings.


The neckline of a jacket with a cutout in the form of a Latin V, straight placket with buttons, marked waist, patch pockets. Suitable for business women, but gets along well with everyday wardrobe items: jeans, leggings, dresses - “mini” and “maxi”.


The jacket to the middle of the thigh resembles a coat or cloak.

Depending on the length, it is optimal in various ensembles:

  • leggings;
  • dresses and skirts knee-deep;
  • pencil skirt and pleated skirt;
  • classic trousers and shorts;
  • jeans;
  • summer dresses.

Important! You can not complement the kit with wide things. This will give the figure a squat.

Jacket Sleeve Length

Short sleeved jackets ¾ are worn with t-shirts and business shirts and high trousers, as well as with evening dresses. Such small models are not customary to fasten .

Lapel sleeves are usually sewn on elongated jackets. They categorically cannot be combined with sweaters and blouses with collars of the "collar" type.

Sleeveless . You can wear a T-shirt, T-shirt, sweater with a sleeve for three quarters.

Miscellaneous materials

The traditional fabric is tweed. Harmonious ensembles:

  • jeans - "boyfriends";
  • white shirt;
  • thin sweater;
  • pencil skirt";
  • dress “stocking”;
  • white sneakers / sneakers;
  • shoes, "boats".

Corduroy is considered royal. She creates the style of urban chic . The combination of romantic dresses, classic skirts and elegant blouses will add brightness and expressiveness to a corduroy jacket.

Feel free to experiment with textures and models: wide pants and a turtleneck, a leather skirt and a chiffon blouse, a thick sweater.

Velvet jackets are trending again. They are worn as evening and day dresses with ripped jeans and plain pastel shirts.

Successful images

Comfort and positive : a black jacket + trousers / jeans + a large check shirt.

Fashionable look : beige jacket + bodycon dress + high heel + thin scarf slightly darker than the jacket.

Femininity and elegance : a gray jacket + black trousers + a red blouse + a clutch bag of the same tone + black shoes.

The jacket in the women's wardrobe has long been far from the classics. Modern women create bold ensembles with jeans and shorts with his participation. Only the right style can complete the stylish look. Therefore, every fashionista must know what to wear in a particular case.