What to wear a woman for a passport photo

Passport photography should be prepared in advance and you need to take it seriously . Biometric documents have special requirements. In addition, a passport is given for a long time, and I want to look decent on it.

Rules for choosing clothes for passport photos

Many women mistakenly believe that the photograph in the passport is allowed to be in any clothes. In fact, there are certain rules and restrictions.

What is possible and what is not?

There are many incidents and unpleasant surprises with clothes. Optimal ordinary casual clothing business style and loose fit. It is better to choose things that are not too closed so that the collar does not cover the chin.

For a picture you should not use:

  • suits in sports style ;
  • designer outfits;
  • open T-shirts and tops ;
  • hats (an exception is provided for women of certain faiths, but the person must be completely open);
  • blouses in sequins, beads or with another catchy decor;
  • a lot of jewelry, piercings and a variety of jewelry .

Reference! Pictures taken in workwear are not accepted.

The best colors of women's clothing for passport photos

Clothing is desirable to choose a neutral color. Too noticeable and catchy shades are better excluded . Clothing should ideally match skin and hair color.

For non-color format, black, gray, dark blue and brown are suitable. Remember that professional shots are taken using the flash or when there is enough powerful lighting. Therefore, the color palette in the photo will look different: light tones will be brighter, and darker even more saturated. So, things of pale blue color can look snow-white and merge with the face.

Do not choose yellow and green. These colors give the face a dark gray shade. But the scarlet and orange in the pictures tend to blur, making the shapes wider.

Attention! You should be aware that in black and white photographs, the brightness of colors is multiplied several times.

Recommendations for women

Before shooting, be sure to look in the mirror. After all, no one knows better than the person how he should look. Be sure to prepare and try on clothes in advance. It should be clean, ironed and free from spools and dirt . All obvious flaws will be visible.

Women look sloppy in oversize sweaters, plaid t-shirts and T-shirts with huge inscriptions and large images.

Remember the expression on your face. In the process of shooting, it is better to think about something pleasant and positive, so that the look is more expressive. But with a smile, despite all its charm, you can’t take a photo. Preference is given to restrained business style .

Tips for overweight women

Full women should opt for plain clothes made of smooth material a. A motley scarf or scarf will come in handy that disguises a double chin. It is better to opt for a monochromatic blouse or a loose-fitting sweater .

Stripes and geometric lines that are full should be avoided . It is also better to refuse white color, as it visually increases the already rather big sizes.

Face shape and makeup

First of all, it is worth taking care of the perfect complexion. Concealers and concealers come to the rescue. In the evening, on the eve of going to the salon, do not drink plenty of fluids and do not eat salty so that there are no swelling .

Do contouring depending on the shape of the face. So, puffy cheeks should be slightly reduced by applying a dark color under the protruding parts . Too wide a nose can be visually corrected by applying a dimmer to the sides.

Reference! When choosing shadows, give preference to natural shades, and it is better to choose lipstick 1-2 shades darker than lip color. The imposition of professional makeup with a change in facial features is prohibited.

What to do with glasses?

Glasses are allowed to take pictures of people who wear them constantly . If the accessory is worn periodically, it is better to do without it. In addition, it is necessary that the glasses and the frame do not close the eyes and eyebrows, do not change the facial features .

The material used to make the lenses must be transparent. Glare on them is unacceptable, so that the color of the eyes is clearly visible.

Important! Using sunglasses for taking a passport photograph is prohibited.

Passport is the most important document of a person, it is useful in many situations. You should prepare in advance for photographing and take into account all the nuances.

Important! Make any changes and use the "photoshop" in the photo for documents is prohibited.

Modifying a photo will take a lot of time and bring additional costs . We hope that the recommendations will help to take into account all the important points and you will not be shy about your photo in your passport.